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Dial Dictate Coupon

Dial Dictate Phone Dictation System Review

You can see many types of software which are very common. We need many of those most and the software companies provide those. But still there are some very urgent product which are not that much common. One of such type of solution is the phone dictation system. With this kind of tool we can easily record the phone calls, manage files and do other tasks very easily. NCH Software offers the Dial Dictate Phone Dictation System, which is very powerful. This product is one of the best in its category. Get this top tool with the coupon offer. The main features of this product are:

Record and Send

One of the finest features of the Dial Dictate is the recording system. By just dialing the keypad of the phone, you can start recording the voice. And after recording, those can be easily sent to the emails. At the same time, this software can let maximum 32 people hear the recording. And you don’t have to send the record manually to your typist. It can automatically send those recording to them. Suppose you want to order something to be typed by the typist. Just record your message and this computer running Dial Dictate will automatically send that.

Customizable recipient system is another very nice feature of this product. For this feature, up to 10 thousand users will be able to use the system. So it is very important to know the control function of this product. Actually, it can control the rewind, fast-forward, play and edit the files along with the recording and the important thing is it can record those to .dct or .wav formats. Avail the fine recording system of Dial Dictate Phone Dictation System with the Dial Dictate Phone Dictation System discount.

Amazing Pricing Plans and Coupon

If you want to use the Dial Dictate Phone Dictation System in your educational institution, you just have to spend only USD 49.99. That license can be used by only one user. Otherwise, the Professional License of it for a single user is available for 59.95 USD according to 24 July 2016. Both if these licenses offer no encryption. But with the full encryption facility, the Medical Legal License is also available. For that one, the price for you will be 69.95 USD only excluding the coupon. Dial Dictate Phone Dictation System also has the Site License. For this one, the price will be 899.00 USD. The main important thing about this license is it can be used by unlimited users.

Backup Dictation Facility

After purchasing this product, you will get the access to the Dial Dictate server where the dictations will automatically be stored. This software can use the email platform, internet or LAN for sending the dictations. Voice prompts can easily be changed with the help of this product. Sometimes, you may need to reduce the size of the recording for easy transmission. In those cases you can use the audio compression tool of the Dial Dictate Phone Dictation System. High quality HIPAA compliant encryption is offered by this for securing the recordings.

Enjoy the fascinating features of Dial Dictate Phone Dictation System with our discount offer. Just use the code and the Dial Dictate Phone Dictation System coupon is all yours.