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Devart Discount Coupon

Review and Features of Devart

All the software companies do not offer the same type of products. Though there are so many companies, still some types of software are not very much available. But Devart is a popular company which offers some very important but unique types of software. Actually, this company focuses mainly on various kinds of server tools. And among a huge number of products, some items are really amazing. In this short review, three most impressive products of this company have been discussed. Also if you like any tool from the site, make sure to have Devart coupon on the purchase. The promotional discount is exclusively available as cash through Paypal.

dbForge Studio for SQL

One of the finest products of the Devart Brand is the dbForge Studio for SQL Server. The SQL database developers need so many important tools for their tasks. And this product is actually the combination of all those necessary tools. You can use this for better management, perfect administration, analyzing and reporting on the targeted SQL database. The built in SQL editor of this product has come with all necessary components. It can be used for SQL formatting, code navigation and completion very efficiently. This Devart product is perfect for index management and SQL source controlling.

Virtual Data Access Components

VirtualDAC is another very useful product of this brand. This one actually contains three urgent components for extending data processing capabilities in C++ builder. It does the same in the Delphi also. One of the components is the TVirtualQuery. This one is capable of finding out the data from sources with the help of SQL queries. Some of the in-memory data storages may not have the linked data files. TVirtualTable actually represents those storages very nicely. The TVirtualDataSet is another component of this product. And the main task of this component is to act as the data wrapper.

The Entity Developer

If you are looking for very impressive ORM model designer, then the Entity Developer of Devart can be recommended. This one is perfect for the NHibernate, LinqConnect, and ADO.NET Entity Framework etc. This product will help you to create various models without any type of XML code. All kinds of mapping can be done with the help of this software also. Powerful code generation is another nice feature of this product. It is very efficient while working with large models.

Devart Pricing Plans and Discount

Each of the products of Devart has come with very impressive pricing. And all of those have multiple pricing plans. For the dbForge Studio for SQL Server, there are four different editions. Among those, Professional Edition has been offered for only 499.95 USD without discount coupon according to this post creating time. Similarly, VirtualDAC has two different editions. The Standard Edition of this product is available for only 79.95 USD. Devart Entity Developer has five different editions. One of those is the Professional Edition which can be purchased by 299.95 USD only. Among other four editions, 1 is completely free and other 3 are paid editions.

So having Devart discount will essentially provide the exclusive pricing on its tools. Just purchase it with the coupon in 2017.