dbForge Studio for MySQL Discount: Exclusive Coupon in 2017

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dbForge Studio for MySQL

Many database developers look for a universal graphical user interface for different database management software and programs. Devart offers some of the best tools for this task. dbForge Studio for MySQL is a popular product of this brand. It is strongly recommended for its impressive features and facilities.

dbForge Studio for MySQL Review

Different software companies are out there to offer some impressive features and facilities. But only a few companies offer GUI solutions for the databases. Devart offers some essential tools for the MySQL and SQL Server. dbForge Studio for MySQL of this brand has achieved huge popularity among the database developers and professionals worldwide. This is a GUI solution for MySQL as well as MariaDB. So many users are using this front-end tool for dealing with these databases very efficiently. Please purchase this front-end tool with our discount coupon. You can purchase DSMSQL at a much cheaper price with our dbForge Studio for MySQL coupon. Here are some major features of this solution:

Very Easy Coding

After purchasing the dbForge Studio for MySQL, you don’t have to spend much time to type the SQL code anymore. Auto-completion feature has been added to this product. That is why, it can automatically complete some words and phrases. Hence, you have to type less to write more codes. In the suggestion lists, this tool will provide some necessary code snippets. Snippets Manager is also added to the dbForge Studio for MySQL. For this reason, you will be able to manage the code snippets very easily. This tool is also capable of dealing with Percona, Amazon RDS, InnoDB, TokuDB, and Secure Shell etc.

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Sync and Backups

This product of Devart has an efficient visual database designer. This built in program will help you to generate some MySQL databases very easily. This GUI also helps to export and import the necessary data. You will be allowed to create backups of the databases in the MySQL format. Different levels of file comparison capabilities have made this tool really powerful. dbForge Studio for MySQL offers an array of MySQL database synchronization tools. Comparing and analyzing of the databases can be done by using these tools.

DSMSQL Pricing Plans and Discount

Standard Edition of this product is available in two versions. One is for commercial uses and another one is for non-commercial uses. To purchase the Standard Edition Commercial License, you have to pay only 119.95 USD. And for the Non Commercial License, only 59.95 USD excluding the discount should be paid. Standard Edition is very much useful for dealing with databases. Professional Edition of this solution is offered for the database developers and administrators. Non-Commercial License of this software can be purchased by only 124.95 USD as per this post writing date. And the price of dbForge Studio for MySQL Professional Edition Commercial License is only 249.95 USD. Each of these licenses includes one year support and update facilities. You can also purchase this with longer support and updates by paying additional fees.

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