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Schema Compare for SQL Server Review

As the day advances with the modern technology, the use of computer system is also increasing. Without the support of the computer system, the database system can’t be managed according to our need. In the database management system, this tool is a supportive tool. This supportive tool is mainly used in the data comparison system and the synchronizing section of the schema. These activities can be performed in the SQL server section. This program can be applied in the schema comparison system and the proper analyzing case. It is allowed almost all the versions of SQL server. It can easily examine the changes of the available schema. For making the error free script creation, this is very supportive. Besides, it also provides the automation system with the command line method. Get this spectacular product with our discount offer and enjoy the cut price. For receiving the dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server discount, no coupon code is needed.


The Supportive Sections

The benefits in the server developing section: Through the helpful tools and the functions of this program, the server developers and the DBAs can simply compare or synchronize the SQL server based database schema. The comparison system of the live database section can be controlled through this. After that, SQL server based database backup processing can also be handled through this. After generating the comparison reports, the users can preview them in the Excel sheet or in HTML format. Then, the impact of the application based database can also be previewed through this. Besides, the elimination process of the mistakes in the schema changes can be controlled through the allowed tools of this. Moreover, the tracking system of the production database section can be customized through this. The automatic migration process of the schema changes can be observed from the reliable options of this program. Besides, by applying the source control based integration process, the users can easily improve the SQL server based schema in a quick way.

Enterprise Based Benefit

The accelerate system of the application development process can be handled through this solution. This process can be allowed for the deployment and the testing process. Besides, the lower enterprise based lifecycle cost can be gained from this solution. Besides, the application upgrading system can be accelerated through this through the proper tracking system. This offers the high quality functions with the rich tools.

Pricing Issue and Discount

This program offers two versions. These are the Standard edition and the Professional edition. The price of the Standard edition is only $149.95 without adding the promo. Besides, the price of the Professional edition is only $229.95. In the Professional edition, the users will get all the professional level tools with the flexible commanding system.

Schema Compare for SQL Server is a fantastic product. If you find it suitable for you, then avail our discount offer while purchasing the product. We hope you love the dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server coupon.