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DataNumen Access Repair Coupon

DataNumen Access Repair Review

We all know that the MS Access is one of the software of the popular MS Office suite. It is a very much impressive solution of Microsoft. With the help of this one, you can create very useful database. But sometimes, it can be seen that the databases have been corrupted. You can solve this problem in two ways. First, you can recreate the entire database. And the second option is, you can repair the corrupted database. Undoubtedly, the second option is better than the first one. But for the second option, you have to take help from a software named DataNumen Access Repair. You can make a purchase of DataNumen Access Repair with the coupon offer to get the product cheaply. So, make no further delay and enjoy the DataNumen Access Repair discount. The following features are offered by this impressive product:

The Top Features

It does not matter what is the edition of MS Access, DataNumen Access Repair works with all. Similarly, this product is also compatible with all versions of Windows OS and Windows Server. All kinds of OLE and MEMO fields can be recovered by this powerful solution. All the tables along with data of the Access database will be retrieved by this software very efficiently. Similarly, it can also recover the structure of the databases. There can be some corrupted databases which are password protected. DataNumen Access Repair has the ability to recover those without problems. For the powerful features, you can use this software as the e-discovery tool.

Better than Competitors

If you compare DataNumen Access Recovery with some other competitor tools, you will be amazed with it. Undoubtedly, this solution is far better than other tools in terms of features. Powerful scanning system of it can find out all types of unrecognized database formats. There can be some filename.mbd files which are not exactly the database files. This solution can easily find out those. Similarly, this solution can solve some other problem too. DataNumen Access Repair can also repair the accdb files on media like CDROMs and floppy disks.

Pricing and Coupon of This Product

Pricing can make any product more attractive. Access Repair of DataNumen is very impressive in terms of pricing. If you purchase only one unit of this solution, then the price will be $199.95 without the coupon as per this post writing time. For getting the CD of this, you have to pay additional $12.50. Like the other products of the same brand, volume discount prices of Access Repair are also very attractive. If you get 2-9 units of this, then the price will be 149.95 USD/unit. For 10-24 licenses at a time, price is only 119.95 USD/unit. By the same way, you can enjoy this by paying only 29.95 USD/unit. But in that case, the number of units purchased must be equal to or more than five hundred. Depending on the region or country of yours, the amount of tax will be selected.

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