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Review of the DataMystic WordPipe

There are some software companies offering some unique types of products. The DataMystic is one of such brands and it offers some very useful tools. The increasing popularity of this brand indicates the high quality of the product. The WordPipe is undoubtedly one of the most impressive creations of this company. This product is actually the search and replace solution for the Microsoft Word documents. You may think that the replacing tasks can be done manually. Yes, that is correct, but that will be time consuming for dealing with large number of files. This software will rescue you from this problem. Take advantage of the useful tools of WordPipe with the discount coupon offer. Here are some main features of this:

Considers All Sections

The DataMystic WordPipe has the capability to work large number of MS Word files at the same time. This software is tremendously speedy. In just seconds, it can search and replace so many phrases on all the targeted files. And you don’t have to write the phrases all the time. The list of words or phrases can be imported from Excel and various other files. It can search through not only the body of the documents but also headers and titles. WordPipe is a stand-alone solution. So the integration with the MS Word will not be required. Enjoy the great capabilities of this tool at cheaper rate using theWordPipe coupon.

Various Pricing Plans and Discount

DataMystic does not force any customer to purchase a single license of it. Various options are available and you just have to choose the right one according to your necessity. The Lite License is the smallest among all the available options. This one can deal with only 100 files at a time. And it can handle 50 find and research phrases for one run. As per the date of writing this post, the price of this product is only $99. For working with an unlimited number of files and phrases, you have to purchase the WordPipe Full. This one is available for $299 only. Floating license of this product is also available for an attractive price. With this one, the floating license server is included. For purchasing this, you have to pay only 749USD excluding the discount. Price of WordPipe File Server is available for 899USD. Volume discounts facility is available for this product.

Some Advanced Features

From the pricing section, it can be seen that the price of the Lite Version of WordPipe is lowest. There are reasons behind that. Actually, this version can work with only the local files. The other versions can also deal with those files which are located on servers. This product of DataMystic has the ability to highlight the replaced phrases of all the files. The contents of the text boxes and shapes can also be replaced by the WordPipe. This product will save you time. You don’t have to select each of the documents manually. It can execute its replacing tasks on only the read only files. Or it can do that to all excluding the read only files.

In conclusion,WordPipe is a brilliant product and the coupon adds to the impression of the product. Take advantage of ourWordPipe discount and enjoy the product.