Data Rescue 4 for Mac Review: Get an Amazing Pricing

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Data recovery system is a needed one part almost for all the PC users. For the Mac system, many recovery solutions are available. Data Rescue 4 for Mac is an effective one as it issues all the needed tools in recovery case.

Data Rescue 4 for Mac Review

Data Rescue 4 for Mac has the ability to recover the lost data. Inside this category, you will observe the facility to recover the deleted photos, document files, video files and other needed files. It contains the system to retrieve the data from corrupted, crashed or the non-mounting hard drive. Besides, the accidentally formatted data can simply be regained through this. In missing file recovery case, it is supportive almost for all formats.

Using Process of this Recovery Tool

In the data recovery process from any Mac system, Data Rescue 4 for Mac applies three simple steps. At the initial level, the users just need to select the device from which the recovery process should be performed. After that, it applies the proper scanning process. In the scanning category, there remain many processes like deep scanning process, quick scanning as well as the deleted file scanning. Once the scanning process is completed, you will get the available files and documents. From those files, you can pick up any specific file that is needed to recover. Here, multiple file recovery process is also allowed at a time.

Active Functionalities offered here

Working Platform: Data Rescue 4 for Mac has the ability to run its activity almost in all iOS version. In case of recovery the needed files, it is able to retrieve the data almost from all types of drives like internal hard drive system, portable disk, floppy disk and so on. After that, the scanning system will appear in the feature category. The scanning system is very active with this recovery tool.  Due to having the user-friendly scanning system, all the deleted data can be found out in a simple way. In managing the recovery process, a lot of formats are available here like NTFS, FAT32, and FAT16 etc. Due to the presence of this solution, there is no chance to decrease the performance of your Mac PC.

Available packages of Data Rescue 4 for Mac

Data Rescue 4 for Mac offers four different packages. These packages are DR Free, DR Lite, DR Standard and DR Pro. DR Free is offered freely and it contains some limited features. In case of getting DR Lite, you need to pay only $49 and this is valid for the person using policy. The DR Standard can be purchased through the price of $99. In case of Professional using policy, you can use DR Pro and its price is only $299 for a single year.