Daily.co.uk Review, Get Amazing Pricing for the Hosting Solution

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Hosting services are provided by so many companies. And most of the reliable companies offer some additional features with the hosting services. You can get very impressive web hosting service, dedicated servers and website creation solution at daily.co.uk.

Review of the Daily.co.uk

From there, you can also get the virtual private servers. And more importantly, you don’t have to rely on other companies for the domain registration and SSL certificates. This company offers all of those. But still the main products or services of this is the website hosting and website creation tool. So let’s have a look at the features of these main products:


Powerful Web Hosting

Daily.co.uk is one of the best sources of the web hosting service. You can get such service for your newly created site or your existing business website. Many companies are there to provide the hosting powered by only one operating system. But this company offers both the Windows and Linux options for you. That means, you can choose any one of those depending on necessity. There are four different plans of the web hosting of daily.co.uk. Each of those plans includes unmetered monthly data transfer. Free domain facility is also included with this service of this hosting provider company.

The Instant Website

One of the finest products available at daily.co.uk is the Instant Website. This is very powerful website creation platform which will help you to create all types of websites very quickly. Only four steps should be followed, for publishing the website with the help of Instant Website. There are two different plans available for this tool. You have to choose any one of those first. Huge range of templates is also available with this tool on daily.co.uk. You have to choose one of these for the targeted website. And then the web contents should be added to that. You can upload all the necessary videos, images and texts to that website. And for doing so, no coding experience will be required. And finally, you will be able to publish that by just clicking on the publish button.

Very Impressive Pricing

Let’s have a look at the pricing of hosting plans first. Among four different hosting plans, Home Pro plan is the most popular. To enjoy this, you have to pay 53.89 Pound in each year. It has come with 50 GB storage and unmetered monthly data transfer. And the largest plan of daily.co.uk web hosting is the Unlimited Pro plan which can be purchased by 71.30 Pound per year. With unmetered bandwidth, it also has unlimited storage. Similarly, the Instant Website plans are also attractive. With unlimited feature points, the Instant Website Unlimited is available for 11.99 pounds per month. As per this post writing time, the price of the Limited Plan is only 5.99 per month. This one offers only 20 feature points.