Custom Toll Free Review : Get an Amazing Pricing

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For making your business a better one, you have to communicate with the customers of worldwide. You may have seen that many large business organizations offer toll free numbers. The customers can communicate with the service managers by calling to that number. And as the customers do not need to pay any toll for calling, they will love to communicate.

You can also get the toll free numbers or vanity numbers very easily. Many studies and surveys have shown that such numbers are very much effective for increasing the sales. Now the question is from where you can get those numbers? Though there are plenty of sources, I will suggest you the Custom Toll Free.

Custom Toll Free

Review of the Custom Toll Free

For attracting more and more customers with your customer services, you can follow two main strategies. First of all you have to choose a toll free number and the second thing is that number should be a vanity number. Many of us are familiar with the vanity numbers but do not know that those call vanity numbers. Actually the vanity numbers start with 800, 866, or 877 etc. And the full amount can be like 800-Doctor, 877-Café etc.

Similarly, the vanity numbers can be combinations of the numbers which can easily be remembered. For an example, Custom Toll Free offers the vanity numbers like 800-333-0000. So the customers can easily remember the numbers. Whenever they will call to your number, they have to spell out the company name of yours. So boosting your brand will be very easy.

Some Other Products

Custom Toll Free does not offer the toll free vanity numbers only. There are some other products which can also be good for the betterment of your business. For an example, this company provides the 844 toll free numbers. These numbers are the newest series of toll free vanity numbers. You can sue these for attracting more customers. These attractive numbers will draw a positive image on the minds of your customers about your company. With the numbers, Custom Toll Free also provides many enhanced services and response tracking services.

Completely Affordable Pricing

Vanity numbers are available at Custom Toll Free for only $19/month according to this post creating time. To each of the numbers, 100 minutes will be provided in each month. You will be allowed to create the maximum call length manually. An email notification facility for each of the calls are also available there. With the numbers, you can also purchase the Toll Free Texting facility.

For the Economy Class Texting, the monthly fee for you will be $19.95. And for Business Class Texting, you have to pay $99.95 per month. This service includes both-way communication through texts. Similarly, Custom Toll Free offer some other enhanced services like call recording, Call Announcements, and VoIP Termination etc.