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CrazyTalk 7 Pro Coupon

Reallusion CrazyTalk Pro Features & Reviews

There are so many software companies which have been formed for providing different types of products. The Reallusion is such company the product of which are little different than those of the others. Most of the products of this brand are highly recommendable. For example, we can recommend to you the CrazyTalk7 Pro which is an animation and character creation tool. Reallusion has kept all the important features of the previous features of this product. And some more powerful features have been introduced in this new edition. Our target is to inform you about the main benefits that you can enjoy using this impressive tool.

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Design Various Characters

Suppose you want to create a new character from any natural beings. Just think how you can do that. You may consider this very difficult. But this difficult task can be completed very easily by the CrazyTalk7. You just have to capture the photo of which you want to make the character. And then this tool will help you to create the character from that photo very easily. The face image fitting system of this tool is very easy to handle and that is very efficient. It is very important to adjust the hairs and eyebrows of the characters. That is why this product offers some stunning programs to adjust those.

Impressive Auto Motion

One of the biggest advantages of the biggest advantages of the Reallusion CrazyTalk7 is the auto lip sync system. For this feature the lip of the created character will be automatically synchronized with the recorded audio. The characters can be synchronized not only with the audios, but also with the texts. The Smart animation programs of this product are very impressive too. Face puppets can be designed very easily with it. The personality of different puppets can be of different types. Similarly the emotion of each of those can be different. With the help of the CrazyTalk7 Pro, you will be able to create those emotions and personality very easily. The formats of the output are needed to be considered too. This tool can store the output format of the character in various video and image formats.

Advanced Pro Features and Discount Coupon

The Pro version offers some important features which are not available with the Standard version. Very advanced audio motion templates have been included in this product. So you will be able to complete the synchronization tasks more easily with it. The create auto animations can be customized also if you want. For controlling the animations, the CrazyTalk7 Pro offers so many advanced tools. The important thing is this tool can be installed in the Windows and Mac computers. Without the promo, The price of this Pro edition is only $149 USD according to April 2015. But when there is CrazyTalk 7 Pro coupon there, it will automatically enable the special discounted price.