Crazytalk Animator 2 Software Review : Get Awesome Pricing

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Conventional 2D animations can create very easily with the help of different tools. But if you want to make exceptional types of 2D animations then you can use the Crazytalk animator 2. In this new version of the Crazytalk Animator, different types of new and powerful features have been included. Three different editions of this animator have been released. From our discussion, you will be able to understand the features and differences between the editions of the Crazytalk Animator of the Reallusion Software Company.

Overview of the Crazytalk Animator 2

Various types of character system are the great advantages of this tool. With the help of this facility, you will be able to create different types of personalities with the same face. Face photo fitting can be done with this edition of the Crazytalk Animator very easily. That means, you will be able to change the shape of the nose, eyes, mouth etc. with different styles. For creating the animations, it will let you apply the 2D Facial Puppeteering.

This software also has the motion key editing capability. Various types of 2D cartoon effects have added to this product. For the attractive smart focus, you can use the mask layers offered by this software. The content library of the Crazytalk Animator Standard edition can expand very easily. This product is available with the price $49.95 as per 31 August 2014.

Pro Edition of the Crazytalk Animator

The Pro edition of the Crazytalk Animator has offered with various types of advanced features. This animator software will let you create multi-dimensional characters with the help of various body parts. In various body parts, you will be able to adjust and customize the colors very easily. The Run-time composer is one of the best advantages of this software.

The 2D puppeteering can customize with the help of this software very effectively. If you purchase this edition of the Crazytalk then you will be able to edit the contents with 3D motion effect. Various types of timeline editing tools are the key advantage of this edition also. You will be able to buy this product by $179.95 only (this price is according to 31 August 2014).

Pipeline Edition of This Animator Software

The Pipeline edition of the Crazytalk Animator has created for the professional animators. This edition offers all the features of the Pro edition and it also offers some extra features. From only one template, you will be able to edit the multi-dimensional characters. Own style characters can create with the help of this software.

Color modification for the various body parts can be done by Crazytalk Animator Pipeline edition. It will let you import the 3D motion effects from various sources. This product of Reallusion is available with the price $299.95 only (as par 31 August 2014).