Cover Genie Pro Pricing: Get a Cool Pricing

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In making the 3D cover, many software programs are available in the market. Among of them, Cover Genie Pro is a fabulous one. It assures all the latest technologies to make the 3D covers in a quick way.

Cover Genie Pro Review

UsingCover Genie Pro, you can create the realistic product graphics like ebook, CDs, DVDs, Boxes etc. The perfect cover design of any product assures the best selling process in an online based store. This online based app offers a lot of templates for generating the guru-level covers in a quick way. Inside this, you will observe more than 150 cover types with the variation of the categories.

Why This Tool?

To build up the professional level covers as well as the realistic mock-ups, Cover Genie Pro is very helpful. You don’t need to acquire any designing knowledge while using this tool. By using this app, you can create an unlimited number of covers.  Without using photoshop, you can get the same quality design pattern with Cover Genie Pro. To impress the audience as well as the viewers, a lot of professional levels designing formats are allowed here. You can get a lot of default designing templates inside this by which any cover can be designed quickly. In case of your need, you can customize the available templates for getting the creative 3D covers.

Benefits of Using This

To get the appropriate value of any product, you need to design the corresponding cover of that product in a skillful way. To maintain this task quite simply, Cover Genie Pro is a perfect one for any user. For creating the mock-up covers under the presentation section, this tool can also be applied. In case of designing the business covers, this offers some additional conditions.

Supportive Functions: To maintain the designing task through Cover Genie Pro, you will observe the drag and drop functionality. Due to having this condition, the available styling effects can be applied quite easily. It issues more than 150 cover models with 3D impact. This condition approves the realistic impression of any cover. For the flexibility of cover designing, it includes almost 50+ templates which can be customized.

By depending on using the platform, the available text, effects can be added to the default templates. In fact; it offers full rights in the designing process. After completing the designing task, the designer can export the corresponding cover in the desired website or product. In managing this task, you can control the file size as well as the format.

Pricing Condition of Cover Genie Pro

To get Cover Genie Pro for Front End section, you need to pay only $37. In case of getting Deluxe version, only $67 is needed to pay.