Countdown Monkey Discount, Exclusive Coupon Pricing in 2017

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25% cashback that is providing as Countdown Monkey discount. To get this discount, please follow the CM image below:

Countdown Monkey Discount

Review of the Countdown Monkey

Boosting conversion rate is the main target of all the online businesses. To do so, more potential customers should be attracted first. Then they must be converted into actual customers. You can convert more potential customers with amazing offers. There is another way to boost conversion rates. You can use countdown timers which will force them to engage with your offer as soon as possible. So conversion will be increased very quickly. Countdown Monkey is a tool which can help you to create such timers. This product has so many features. When telling about the features, please also get above discount. The Countdown Monkey coupon makes less money you spend on the tool. please also look at the Following features can be considered as main points about this solution:

Very Impressive Flexibility

Perhaps, flexibility is the best feature of Countdown Monkey. It has evergreen countdown facility. It will let you set minutes, hours, and days very easily to create a countdown timer. For evergreen option, timer will start counting whenever any new visitor visits your website. That means, every customer will get a fair chance to grab your offer. And you don’t have to set the timer over and over again all the times. Expiries of counters can also be set by Countdown Monkey very easily by just few clicks. There are some other tools of same category which can deal with only one expiry option. But this one has come with three different expiry options. One of those options will just stop counting, the second one can hide the counter, and the third one can redirect visitors. All these are very important for specific tasks.

Supports Various Sites

Countdown Monkey has the ability to work everywhere. By using this, you can place countdown timers on any kind of HTML pages as well as WP blogs. No matter the visitors visit those sites from which browser or device, timers will perfectly be shown to them. As this product is a web app, you don’t have to install anything to anywhere. The timer designs will be very attractive. So, conversion rates will be increased at a high rate.

Countdown Monkey Pricing and Discount

This web based solution is truly offered with so many features. But the pricing of Countdown Monkey is very cheap compare to those features. Lifetime Pro license of it is available for only $37 before 2017. And with the discount applies for CM, basically we will provide 25 percent money back on the amount you spend on it first time. Just after paying the price, you will get instant access to this tool. Main attractive thing about this license is it will not ask you for any monthly fees. That means you will get full unrestricted access to it. 30 days guarantee is also available with Countdown Monkey. So you don’t have to worry about its performance. Many people may ask that whether this product is perfect for WP sites or not. Actually, it can work perfectly with WordPress sites and all other types of websites.

The Countdown Monkey discount makes extra ordinary savings on the tool in 2017. So get coupon for this Promote Labs tool, who are also the maker of some other great tools like Landing Page Monkey.