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We are sorry that the Content Views Pro coupon is no longer available. You need to purchase it at full price with the “redeem” link above.

Content Views Pro Review

In maintaining the modern life, we need to assure the flexible communication system. The communication system can be assured through the touch of the web section. In the web section, website development is an essential task. To develop any site, WordPress is one of the easiest one. Here, there is the opportunity of using various types of plugin for getting various tasks in a comfortable way. Among all of the plugin, Content Views Pro is a supportive one. This plugin is mainly used to manage the previewing format of the WordPress posts through the available layouts. Without applying the coding knowledge, the users can manage this task in a simple way. If the Content Views Pro review seems interesting, so why not have it from our website with the specially provided coupon and discount. Besides, you don’t need for any other coupon code to purchase the plugin.

Main functions under this

Content Views Pro enables the users to manage the available content previewing system. Here, you can manage the task of displaying the posts according to the user defined choice. To get the desired output, it offers all the supportive tools. Through this, the users will get two functions. In the first case, the users will be asked to create a defined view system to query the needed contents. After that, s/he will be asked to choose a layout system to preview those contents. At the second section, the generated short code is needed to paste to the editor section or the pages. The short code can be pasted in the text widget section where the post will be viewed.

Content Views Pro

The Available Features

Flexible using format: To enable the needed post displaying system, the users don’t need to use the professional level coding system and the complex functions. It ensures the systematic way to display the new posts, most commented posts and the most popular posts. The post can be filtered through the author, tag, date, category or other systems.

Users: All types of WordPress users can use this as it follows the straightforward way to manage the contents and the posts. It provides a form system to manage the contents and the description. Besides, the developers can also be benefited through this solution. This system is very helpful to build up the client site in a quick format. Through this, you will get the attractive result by applying the effective tools and the functions.

The Packages and Coupon

Content Views Pro offers three packages. These packages are: Personal, Business and Developer. The Personal package can be purchased through $39 and it is applicable for 1 site. This is the pricing excluding the coupon. The Business package is valid for 5 sites and its price is only $89. The Developer package is available to support almost for the unlimited sites. This powerful package can be purchased through the price of $199.

So, get the product from our site at a cheaper price with the Content Views Pro coupon. So why not we hope that you enjoy the discount for Personal, Business and Developer license of this content plugin.