ComparisonPress Theme Review : Get an Amazing Pricing

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All the WordPress theme providing companies does not provide similar types of products and in fact those companies always think to create something new and attract the WordPress users most. It is very essential to consider the features of any theme before buying that. One of the best way to rely on the products of any worldwide popular company.

The ComparisonPress is one of the most unique creations of the PremiumPress Company and with the help of this product, you will be able to create beautiful price comparison websites very easily. Let’s consider why you can choose this one.

Overview of the ComparisonPress Price Comparison Theme

First of all, just like all the other products of the same company, the ComparisonPress is also a powerful theme which can install and manage very easily. Another great advantage of this product is it offers the website builder facilities with which you can make your website attractive with your own style.

If you are worried about your little HTML knowledge, then the good news for you is you don’t have to use your HTML experience at all to create the websites and design those with the help of ComparisonPress. The built in design tools of this product will let you use various types of colors and templates for your website.

Import Products and Compare Prices

The affiliate products can import to your price comparison websites from various sources. For example the eBay and Amazon are the two most popular sources for different types of affiliate products. The ComparisonPress can use for importing the products and list of products from those sources to the targeted WordPress sites. The product specifications and prices can update anytime.

So those should be monitored all the times. If you have this innovative product of the PremiumPress then don’t have to think about reimport the product details. Because it can automatically do this task. The comparison facilities of this theme are very advanced so that you and the visitors of your website will be able to compare the price layouts of various products of same and different categories.

Make Your Website Visitor Friendly

To make your website more attractive, you can allow the visitors to add their products to the comparison. You can also earn more benefit from your site by posting various types of ads in that. The ComparisonPress will let you place the ads in such a way that the visitors will not disturb at all. During the license period, updates will send to this theme without any further cost. The technical support from the PremiumPress will always be available for you. You can buy this by the price of only 79 USD as of 18 November 2014.