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COM is a beautiful creation of the Microsoft Corporation. It can be used in those programs which are very large. The main capability of this is to create the dynamic objects among the programs. This tool of Microsoft is called the binary interface which has been created with various frameworks. For the inter-process communication, this interface is used frequently.

TeamDev ComfyJ Reviews

There should not be any doubt that the products of the TeamDev are very efficient and well in quality. Among all of the available software of this company, the ComfyJ is one of the most unique tools. Suppose you want to run the Java app by Windows Platform. That platform can be either COM or ActiveX or others. To do this, you can choose this product by TeamDev. Besides, the ComfyJ coupon and discount will make it easier for you to purchase the product by cutting its price. No need of any other extra coupon code here. So many other features have made this very powerful product. Those features are:

Both Way Integrations

This is one of the epic advantages of the ComfyJ. For this one you will be able to use the COM interface very simple to your Java. There are several invoking techniques of this interface of Microsoft. You can use those with the help of the VTBL. Various concurrency methods have been added to this product. So you will enjoy working with those. There are various ActiveX components which may be needed to be run on Java. For example the MS Office and Windows default browsers are those apps which can be used in Java. The media related apps like the flash players as well as video players can easily be used with the help of ComfyJ. Similarly, this product is very much helpful for the Integration of Java to COM. If you need to create Java COM server, this tool will be one of the finest solutions for you. Similarly, you the registration of those servers can also be done with it.

Offered App Examples

Various application examples have been integrated in the TeamDev ComfyJ. You can see those to decide what you can do. The Java apps which have been already used in the MS Office, are offered in this. Similarly example of the apps which are created for using in the media players and COM libraries are also added in ComfyJ.

Coupon and Affordable Licensing Facilities

You can purchase any of the available licenses of this product according to your necessities. Like the other products of the TeamDev, this software also has three types of licenses. If you want to get the Per Developer Pack, then the price for you will only be $1149 for each user. Project wise solution can be bought in $3,399 without the coupon. And as par 29 May 2015, the price of the Unlimited Plan of the ComfyJ is $10,699. With each of the licenses, you will get minor updates during the license period. Major updates will be offered to you for two months.

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