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Normally, all the software companies try to create something new. In many cases, many companies have created extraordinary products. These products have made huge changes to the computer and online experiences. The Collaboration Charts for SharePoint is actually the division of the FusionCharts.

Collaboration Charts for SharePoint Highlights

Collaboration Charts is very effective software and the most essential feature of this product is to help you to create various types of charts in the SharePoint. All the important features of this product have been discussed below.

Collaboration Charts

So Many Chart Types Included

All the charts will not be the same and even same chart can be customized into different styles. That is why this software has so many built in chart types which can be used for making various types of charts in the SharePoint. Basic chart types as well as very advanced and complex types of charts have been included in this software. By using the Collaboration Charts, you can create charts directly from the web browsers. Full featured user interface is one of the best features of this software and that is why you don’t have to rely on other software or source for creating and customizing any type of charts. Sometimes dashboards need to be created for a large number of data. The Collaboration Charts for SharePoint has the dashboard creating capability by interconnecting so much data.

All Files and Platforms Supported

It is very important to consider the types of files this software can work with and in this case you will be impressed to know that the Collaboration Charts for SharePoint can create the charts for the data imported from various types of files like the CSV files, the Excel sheets and most importantly from different types of databases. It can create such charts which can be shown from various types of flash and non-flash devices. You can print the charts very easily. This software will let you convert the individual charts in pdf format and print those separately or you can place various charts in one sheet and print those instantly.

Other Important Features

Auto refresher program has been installed in the Collaboration Charts for SharePoint. So you don’t have to make changes to the created charts manually. It can change the charts depending on the changes in the dataset. How to install and use this product that can be watched from various video texts and video tutorials. This is a plug & play type software which can be installed very quickly and just after installation it can be used with full swing. The Development Server License of this product can be purchased with only $399 and the Production Server License of it is available for $1299 for each WFE server. It should be noted that these prices are indicated as of October 5, 2014.