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Code Compare

Programmers need several types of tools for their projects. File and folder comparison tool is one of those. Professional programmers have to deal with so many files. Code Compare can be used for merging several files and folders.

Code Compare Features and Review

Devart is not those like those software companies which have come with some ordinary products. Each product of this brand is very useful. Suppose you are involved in a coding campaign. For the success of that project, you have to work with several code files at a time. Sometimes, it can be necessary to make similar files. Creating similar files manually is time consuming. But a powerful comparison and merging solution can do this task in just minutes. Devart Code Compare is suitable for this task. Enjoy all the CC functionalities with the discount coupon. The Code Compare discount is going to be useful. Some main features and facilities of this product are as follows:

Text & Code Comparison

Code Compare has very impressive file comparison solution. This tool is capable of finding out the differences among multiple files. This tool is also helpful for selecting similar lines from multiple files. Editing environment offered by it is very impressive. You can easily differentiate different kinds of texts by different color blocks. Highlights of changes in every line will be shown by this program. Sometimes, you may change a few lines of a big file. It will not be necessary to see the entire file. Instead, this solution can show only the changed lines. That means, you will be allowed to collapse unchanged regions very easily. Similarly, Code Compare is very effective for comparing the source codes. It helps to use a structural approach of the source code comparison.

Code Compare Pricing Plan and Discount

One free license and one paid license is available for the Code Compare of Devart. By using its Free Plan, you will not get all the features. That means, this one can be used as a trial version. Pro license of this software can be purchased by only 49.95 USD excluding the discount as per this post writing time. Some additional features have made this product strongly recommended one. Line-by-line and word-by-word text comparison modes are its big advantages. Code outlining or folding facility is not available with the free version. But Pro Version offers very impressive code outlining facility.

Automatic Merging Facility

Code Compare is capable of dealing with horizontal as well as vertical layouts. And for both of those layouts, this tool offers three way comparison facility. Sometimes, conflicting file revisions can occur. In those cases, this this solution will work with version control systems very efficiently. Hence merging the files will be very easy. And for merging the non-conflicting changes, you don’t have to do anything. Code compare will automatically merge those. And it will also highlight each merging conflict. For any kind of conflict resolution, you don’t have to face any difficulties. Only one click will be enough.

Hence, please use the coupon to have the tool for comparing and merging the differing files as well as folders. Hopefully, the Code Compare discount will meet your expectations.