CloudBerry Drive Coupon, Discount for Desktop Server License

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CloudBerry Drive Coupon

Review of the CloudBerry Drive

It is very easy to get an external drive for Windows computer. These drives can be used as the virtual drive or network drive. But the main important thing is to choose the perfect drive for that. Otherwise the performance of that will not be like the local drives. The CloudBerry Lab provides very impressive product named CloudBerry Drive. This product will let you deal with the files saved in Amazon S3 very easily. All you need to do is to use your Windows Explorer interface. So it will be very easy for you use to the external drive. Get this perfect drive with our coupon offer. Here are some of the main features of this beautiful product:

Very Easy to Use

This product provides the easiest way to access the Amazon S3 storage. Just like any local drive, you can access those to get your files. Similarly, you can also access the external drives on your computer very easily. That means, this solution will let you save the files to the cloud and get those back to your computer without problems. Sometimes, you may need to use the Amazon S3 with several other applications. For example, you may need to use the email and file managers with that. It can easily be done by this solution. Another huge advantage of the CloudBerry Drive is the data encryption facility. You don’t have to rely on other protection tools to encrypt the data. Before saving to the cloud, this solution can strongly encrypt all the necessary data. Avail the easy to use features of CloudBerry Drive by purchasing it with the CloudBerry Drive discount.

Multiple Pricing Plans

This powerful solution is available for the servers as well as the Workstation computers. For the Windows Workstation, you have to purchase the Desktop Edition of this product. In this case, the purchasing price will be only $29.99 excluding the discount and coupon. And the Server Edition of CloudBerry Drive is available for $59.99 as of this post writing time. Each of these pricing is for single computer. Once you purchase the license that will be valid for lifetime. No additional fee will be charged from you in future. And for each of the editions of CloudBerry Drive, free trial version is also available.

Some Other Features

CloudBerry Drive is one of those few cloud solutions which can be controlled from the command line interface of Windows. Mapping of the FTP as well as SFTP servers can be done by this product just as the network drives. You will be able to configure each of the threads which are used for transferring the data. It will let you upload and download single files as well as multiple files at the same time. For each of the uploaded files the CloudBerry Drive will let you set the HTTP header. From the command line interface, you can install this product. But the similars of the files will depend on the version of this solution.

If you think CloudBerry Drive is a perfect product for you, then get it with our discount offer. If you want to have any other inquiries regarding the CloudBerry Drive coupon, please feel free to contact us.