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Among various content management systems the WordPress is the most popular and the Joomla is also very popular all over the world. If you are looking for highly reliable hosting solutions for the Joomla or WordPress or both then you can choose the Cloudaccess Company.

What can Purchase from

When you will visit the website then you will get various plans for the WordPress Hosting as well as the Joomla hosting. Each of those plans offers very special and useful features.

Cloudaccess Joomla and WordPress Hosting

The Cloudaccess Company provides the hosting facilities to the Joomla sites with fully optimized cloud servers. The MySQL databases are tuned up by this company. So if you apply the hosting of this company for your Joomla sites, then those sites will be faster than the other Joomla sites. Similarly the WordPress hosting of this company is also very powerful and reliable. For both these types of hosting, the Cloudaccess Company provides world class support. You can communicate with the highly trained support team by sending them the support tickets. And also for the most necessary cases, you can call them also. Purchasing the cloud servers are not the only thing because to manage those it is very important to have a best quality control panel. The Cloudaccess Company provides very powerful but easy to use cloud control panel which will help you very much.

Standard, Business and Pro are the three plans for each of the Joomla Hosting and WordPress Hosting provided by the Cloudaccess Company. With all the hosting plans, you will get 20 GB storage with unlimited bandwidth and 2 GB RAM. The Standard Plan includes the basic support items, whereas, the Business plan offers the advanced support items. For the expert support items, you can purchase the Pro plan offered by the Cloudaccess Company. The support response time is also faster for the customers on the Pro plan. The applications used in the servers of all the plans will be updated regularly. Each of this plan offers includes the daily backup system also.

Different Domain Name Registration

The Cloudaccess Company not only provides hosting solutions for the Joomla and WordPress sites, but also it offers the domain name registration facilities. In many cases, it can be seen that the people cannot understand what types of domain they should get. That is why the Cloudaccess offers the Domain Lookup facility which will help you select the right domain. This company also offers the domain transfer facility. To get different types of domain registration you can rely on the Cloudaccess Company. Most popular domains like the .com, .net, .org can be registered with the help of this company. This company also offers the country based domains such as, .us, etc.