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Clip Studio Paint Review

In a general sense, it is not easy to create cartoons or comic character. But nowadays this process has become very much easy. With the help of normal software, such character can be designed very quickly. But that does not mean an ordinary tool will let you do this perfectly. Top quality software should be chosen for this purpose. For making Manga, Japanese comic characters, you can use the Clip Studio Paint. This product offers all the necessary paint tools for creating such things. Multiple editions of these are available for an attractive price. The Clip Studio Paint discount will also be helpful to get the promo price for this product. The main target of this post is to describe the features and pricing of this amazing tool.

Benefits of Pro Version

The Clip Studio Paint Pro is the standard paint suite for Manga. It offers the simplest solution for creating the Mangas with various drawing tool. It can handle both the 2D and 3D contents. With the help of ease erasing tools, the drawn items can be customized very easily. It will let you apply various colors to the drawings. You will get the power to make things colorful and to make those black & white again. Impressive touch friendly user interface has made Clip Studio Manga suitable for everybody. It supports various print friendly output formats. At the same time, this software can deal with the Kindle and EPUB supported formats.

Clip Studio Paint Ex

In the above paragraph, various features have been mentioned. All those are available in this product also. But this one offers some more. This powerful solution is actually for them who want to print so many books of Manga drawings. The previous edition was for single page drawing and printing. But this can handle the eBooks or printable books of multiple pages. In the previous one, you will not get the LT conversion feature. But this one offers that. With different effects and tones, the 3D characters and 2D images can be converted. Clip Studio Paint Ex will help in doing this conversion.

Pricing and Discount Coupon

There are two main editions of the Clip Studio Paint. One of those is the Pro Edition which can be considered as standard paint tool. This can be used for creating amazing Manga. When this post has been written, the cost for this was only USD 49.99 without any discount. And with the coupon there will be 20% off. If you are looking for a paint tool for excellent drawing the Manga, then the Clip Studio Paint Ex is for you. To get this, the necessary price will be USD 219 prior to 2020. This product offers more powerful features which will help you for larger campaigns. There is another edition of this drawing tool. For the basic Manga drawing, the Debut Edition of this product can be used. This simple tool cannot be purchased as a separate product.

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