Clicky Web Analytics Tool Pricing: Get an Amazing Review

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The web analytics tools are different types of and all of those tools are not reliable. But a reliable web analytics tool is very necessary for monitoring the visitor numbers of the websites and for other reasons. Clicky can be the great solution in this case and this web analytics tool can be used for monitoring one website and up to thousand websites. It is very efficient, fast and easy to use.

Clicky Review

As the web analytics tool, Clicky is very impressive because it has the real-time system for which it will offer you the reports of all data in just seconds. Unlike the other normal web analytics tools, Clicky does not provide the number of visitors only.

Basic Features of the Clicky

Clicky will offer you every detail about each of the visitor of the targeted website. That means, with the help of Clicky, you will be able to know who has visited your website and the activity reports of them on your website. The Heatmaps facility is one of the great advantages of the Clicky Web Analytics. Because of this facility, you will be able to know the details about the sessions of each of the visitors to your website.

The heat map data of this tool are highly reliable. Even when your site will be at offline, the Clicky will send you the necessary alerts very efficiently. Different types of alert systems can be activated with the Clicky and those alerts will help you very much in the necessary periods. Google ranking monitoring systems and other features are also available in Clicky. Most importantly, Clicky is very easy to use.

Free and Paid Plans of the Clicky

The attractive thing about the Clicky analytics is it is available in both a free plan and the paid plans. You just have to choose the right plan by considering what they offer. If you are the user of the Free plan then you will be allowed to use it to track only one website and it can work with maximum 3 thousand pages in each day. Basic features are available with the Clicky Free edition.

The Pro plan of this web analytics tool offers the basic and premium plans. This plan of Clicky can be used for tracking 10 different websites and for working with 10 thousand pages every day. The features of the Pro plan and the Pro Plus plan are the same, except the Pro Plus plan includes Heatmaps and uptime monitoring system.  Pro Platinum plan is very powerful because this plan will let you use the Clicky to track 30 websites. In each day 30 thousand page views can be determined by using this plan.  The Custom plan users can be able to work with up to thousand websites and 5 million pages.