Clicky Real Time Web Analytics Review : Get Cool Pricing

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If the price of any product is very high, that does not mean that is the most powerful product. Sometimes, you can get top quality product by cheap price. For example, though so many costly web analytics tools are available, you can pick the Clicky.

Pick Clicky for the Efficient and Cheap Web Analytics

This is not a very costly product, but has so many stunning powerful features. Free version of this product is available. But to get the most powerful features you have to purchase any of the paid products. The premium features of this tool have been mentioned below and after that the prices have also been specified here.

The Premium Features

You don’t have to refresh this tool or your website to know the present stream of visitor of that site. Clicky has the real time capability to show you that. Actually, this feature is one of the main attractions why people choose this product.

Heatmaps system is another great facility of this product. It will help you to see the heatmap of every page of your website with complete visitor details. You will be able to know which page of your site has been viewed maximum time. The goal tracking capability of this tool is very effective one. That means it can identify and record those visitors who have completed the registration to your site.

And it can also record those who buy products from your site. This product has the Google search tracker program also. The links of the third party websites can be detected by this product very easily. So you can identify such links from the comments your users have posted to your site.

You may post videos to your websites. So it is very important to monitor the interaction of those videos very efficiently. Clicky will help you to do this important task. The links you will shared to your site will be visited by the visitors. You can monitor the number of clicks on each link. So you will be able to track the number of downloads very easily by that.

What are the discussions going on to the Twitter about your site that can be tracked by Clicky. It has the email reports and engagement report system. With the help of this product, you will be able to activate the Sub-user accounts very easily.

Various Packs & Prices

Clicky is available with various premium plans. All the basic premium features have been included in all the packs. The Pro pack is for 10 websites and its monthly price is 9.99 USD only. The Pro Plus is also for same number websites, but it has some extra features like the Heatmaps. Its monthly price is 14.99 USD. The pro Platinum plan is for 30 different websites. You can enjoy this by paying 19.99 USD per month.