ClickWebinar Promo Code: Get Coupon on ClickMeeting

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ClickWebinar Promo Code

Features and Review of the ClickWebinar

It is one of those platforms which are suitable for the webinars and the video conferencing. The number of this type of platforms are not many and among all such platforms, the ClickWebinar can be considered as of the bests. It can be recommended to you because of its tons of features and different customer friendly packages. For arranging different types of online meeting to increase the productivity of your company, you can choose this webinar platform without any doubt. Some main features of this platform have been discussed here. When discussing about ClickWebinar promotion code, mentioned also the ClickMeeting coupon as well.

Connect with So Many People

The meaning of the webinar is the web based seminars. So in many cases, you may need to arrange webinars with so many people and in those cases, you will not be able to normal quality webinar platform. ClickWebinar will let you arrange the webinars with maximum 1 thousand attendees. It is very helpful in the face to face video conferencing. With the help of the built-in program, you will be able to control the total interaction very easily. Not only for the video conferencing, but also for the audio conferencing, the ClickWebinar is very much helpful. So you don’t have to move from your office all the time for attending the conferences anymore if you have this product.

Share Your Entire Desktop

ClickMeeting is such online meeting platform which will let you share everything on your desktop during the conferences. The latest built-in desktop sharing tool of this product can be used for sharing the entire desktop as well as the selected parts of the desktop. This feature will be very helpful when you will need to use your drawing tools during your conferences on different topics and products. So you will be able to impress your customers or clients more easily with the help of this ClickMeeting.

ClickMeeting Pricing and Promo

Moderator tools have been included in this product and that is why you will be able to provide the Q&A session or chat session very easily to the customers. This platform is very friendly for chatting and most important thing is, it will not only help your for group chatting but also for private chatting. For better chatting facility, the translation option has been added to the ClickMeeting online meeting platform. So you will feel comfortable to chat with the people of different countries of the world. Trial version of this tool is provided so that you can use this without cost before buying the license. If you choose the monthly plan of the ClickMeeting, then without annual promo code price, you have to pay $30 only and the yearly plan users have to pay $22/month only. These prices are according to May 2015.

So have ClickWebinar promo code and get the discount price on the product.