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Features and Review of ClickMeter

Nowadays internet has become very effective medium of marketing. For making any website as well as business popular, online marketing campaigns are very fruitful. It can be done for any kind of businesses. And there are so many tools, which will help you for this purpose. But you have to be very careful before choosing any of those for your campaigns. ClickMeter can be considered as very impressive solution for this field. Purchase the impressive program with our coupon offer. This one has so many important features. In a short review, it is really tough to write about all of those. Only the main advantages of this amazing tool have been discussed below:

Efficient Affiliate Tracking

Affiliate tracking cannot be done perfectly by all the tools. ClickMeter can do this very impressively. For boosting the sales, this tool will need only a few minutes. You just have to spend a few seconds for setting this tool up. Sales conversation rates will be detected by this product very efficiently. Real time reporting is another huge advantage of this one. This tool has the ability to differentiate between the real visitors and robots. So you will get the organic results all the times. It has very powerful click fraud monitoring program. For tracking the online classified ads, you can use this product very easily. Purchase the tool with ClickMeter discount and expericnce the excellent tracking service.

Attractive Pricing Plans and Coupon

One free plan and three paid plans are available for the ClickMeter. Each of these are for different numbers of events per month. The Small Plan of this tool is the free solution which is for only one thousand monthly events. Medium License of this tool is the tiniest paid plan of this product. To enjoy this, you have to pay $29 per month without the coupon. This one is for 25 thousand events in each month. The Large and X-Large designs are for larger campaigns. The Large License of ClickMeter can work with 200 thousand events/month. And the monthly price of this one is $99/month. And the other license is for 2 million monthly events. To get this, you have to pay 349 USD per month. This product supports unlimited sub-accounts.

Informative Reporting System

The program offers completely reliable reports. To your report, you will get the list of all the links. You may target certain areas of the world. That is why this software will inform you country based number of clicks. And it can find out the results for maximum number of countries. That is why, you can use this for targeting different parts of the world. ClickMeter also has the ability to compare the results founds in different months. So you will be able to find the best strategies for your campaigns. It is not right to include the destination URLs in the ads all the time. This tool will let you generate the tracking links for all the destination URLs. And you can use those tracking links in your ads very easily.

Our discount offer will let you comfortably purchase ClickMeter. After purchasing with our ClickMeter coupon in 2017, you can start monitoring, comparing and optimizing all of your marketing links cheaply which is a very good deal.