City Network Pricing: Avail Review for the Hosting Solution

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In the online section, there remain a lot of sections available for performing various types of task. The activities of all platforms are not same. Among all of the platforms, the hosting section is considered as one of the needed one. Under developing any website, you need to fulfill the condition of domain name registration process and the hosting related activities. The web based hosting facilities are provided by various types of companies. Among of them, City Network is a flexible one platform.

City Network and the Review

City Network offers many functions in the hosting category. These are: domain name registration settings, shared hosting, cloud based server, dedicated server system and so on.

City Network

Main Functions under City Network

This platform offers the hosting as well as the domain services both for the small and the large business section and the corporations. Besides, the hosting settings for the private based are also offered by this. With the owned data centers with the best quality, you can observe the activities on cloud computing, hosting setting, dedicated server and the domain services. To manage all the domains from any single place to the advanced section, it offers flexible control panel. Besides, the shared hosting facilities offer the way to maintain the best performance. Besides, the cloud computing solutions can also be gained through this. All these facilities can gain with the trial version just for observation.

Settings under the Data Centers

Internet Connection: Under this, you will get three internet facilities and the service providers. All of them are connected from various locations. All times the connections are available.

Power Supply and the Router Management system: For managing the best power back-up system, it offers the best technologies. If the general power system fails, then the alternative one will be activated automatically. In the router section, the redundant router equipment system is applied. These router management system works with the best speed.

Various Features under City Network

Domain Register: Under this platform you will get various packages like .net, .org, .com, .name, .US, .MOBI, .NU, .TEL and so on. Here, you will get 250 GB space for the email storage section. Besides, almost 1000 email accounts facility is allowed here. Moreover, you will also get the support of mailbox with 10GB space and the flexible control panel.

Shared Hosting: In the case of shared hosting, 250 GB space is available. Besides, you can observe almost 5000GB traffic for the monthly basis. After that, almost 1000 email account using system is available here.

Cloud Server: In this section, you have the chance to use pay as the using policy. Here, the email and the phone call supports are available with full reliability and conditions.