Cisdem PDFConverterOCR for Mac Review: Get an Amazing Pricing

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To convert the PDF files into the word, excel, pages or text file, Cisdem PDFConverterOCR is a reliable one solution. This is valid for the Mac OS platform. Due to many factors, we may need to rework with the existing PDF files. In that case, we have to assure the image or scanned copy of that pdf file.

Cisdem PDFConverterOCR for Mac and the Review

To manage all of these tasks, Cisdem PDFConverterOCR for Mac is very helpful. While using this, you can easily convert almost any type of pdf files into text, the word even if in HTML formatted page. It supports more than 49 languages with the OCR based text recognition capability. Due to having so many facilities, it is defined as a best one PDF OCR conversion tool under Mc platform.

Common Functions Inside This

Cisdem PDFConverterOCR for Mac is supportive almost for all section like business or educational section. It has the ability to convert the password protected pdf files into the text files in a quick process. You can manage the conversion process into the image file also. In managing the conversion process, the fonts, images, color format remain constant. Besides, Cisdem PDFConverterOCR manages the best security issue in case of conversion. So, there is no chance to lose the content.

Available Supports and Features

The all-in-one conversion process is a first one issue inside this tool. It approves the system to convert the PDF files into 15 various formats. Besides, it also manages the user-friendly activities in the pdf file conversion process. To extract the available text from the image file, it allows an additional condition. After completing the text extracting process, it can simply convert them into any type of file. The new file types are editable for the users. To convert the encrypted PDF files into the editable text file, an effective logic is provided here. In case of conversion, the available text should be replaced with the correct format. All these terms can be controlled with the user-defined choice. So, you can manage the text size, font, color and other activities in the new file format. In fact, Cisdem PDFConverterOCR assures all the flexible way to apply the image file into the new format from the old one.

Additional Facilities: With Cisdem PDFConverterOCR, you can control the page selection for OCR process. It affords four types of options in the needed text collection process like page selection, mark image, mark text and the mark table. In controlling the conversion process, the best accuracy method is maintained. Moreover, it is supportive with 49 languages.

Price of Cisdem PDFConverterOCR

The users can get the idea about this product through the trial version. In case of purchasing the full license, you need to pay only $59.99.