Content Delivery Networks Review : Get a Cool Pricing

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Content delivery networks are very much important for all types of websites. If you want to make your site well accessible and ensure high performance of that, you have to use CDN. These networks actually store the web content into various datacenters. From those datacenters, the content will be provided to the end users around those. There are different kinds of content delivery networks. But if you want to get any of those, it is better to have the largest one. The is said to be the largest content delivery network of the world.

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Features and Review of

There are some content delivery networks which require much time for setting up. But the is very fast one. You can easily set this up and instantly it will be activated. And for managing this, you don’t have to face any difficulty either. Very powerful but user friendly control panel is another advantage of this product.

From there, you will be able to control all the contents with ease. Sometimes, there can be unnecessary outdated contents. You will be allowed to remove those easily. offers the maximum delivery speed to all the connections. No matter how many connections are there, it has no problem to work with those.

Amazing Media Supports

Various types of contents are supported by this content delivery network. All types of flash, audio and multiple format videos are supported by the Similarly, it can work with the JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, etc. While delivering the contents, if any PoP start working, there will be no interruption of content flowing.

Automatic failover feature will work for solving this problem. has very powerful DDoS protection program which will work against different kinds of DDoS attacks. And shred SSL will also be provided by this product. From this content delivery network, you can get the necessary report whenever you want.

Fully Affordable Pricing is not those types of content delivery networks, which are very much costly. Among three available plans of it, you just have to choose the right one. The CDN-X is the package including 20 different points of presence of PoPs. These are located in the US, Europe and Canada. It has 10 TB Transfer limit. As per 19 March 2016, monthly cost for this one is $100.

With 50 top quality PoPs and 5TB transfer limit, the CDN-EXEC pack is available for the same price. The PoPs of this plan are located in Mexico, India, Asia and all of those places previously mentioned. CDN-LUX pack of is also very much impressed. It has more than 60 PoPs but is for only 2TB transfer. The monthly cost of this one is also $100. Each of these plans is for unlimited websites and requests.