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CCleaner Professional

CCleaner Professional (Mac Edition)

Professional Plus – 4 Products bundle

** Also check the following links for Business and Network edition.

Business Edition

Network Edition (10 Users)

Network Professional (10 Users)


Piriform CCleaner Tool and Coupon

In most of the cases our computer crashes for our negligence. Normally we use free tools for optimizing and cleaning our computer. But have you ever thought how a free tool can perform like a paid tool? Actually for the exact performance you are looking for, you have to buy such tool. There are so many options available. Among those tools you can rely on the CCleaner. This amazing product of the Piriform has so many features. And it has various editions too. In this review, we have highlighted about the computer editions of it. When discussing about CCleaner promo code along with discount, here are some main points mentioned about this popular tool.

Advantages of Professional Edition

The more your PC will be old the more that will store more unnecessary files. So day by day that will be slower. To get rid of this problem you can use the CCleaner Professional. This product can remove all the unnecessary files from the computer. That means your computer will be fast all the times if you have it. Your online activities can be tracked from the cookies that are stored in your PC. The browser histories are also the other things from where your activities can be tracked. That is why this software can eliminate all the cookies and browser histories. After installing this you can input your confidential information without tension while using the internet. Nobody likes such PC which needs much time to startup itself and the other programs. This problem can be found when some unnecessary programs run silently on PC. This software of Piriform will never let such unwanted program to be run. The Professional Edition also has the automatic update facility. Prior to 2016, the price of this edition is only $24.95 without coupon codes or any form of discount.

ccleaner coupon code

The Professional Plus Edition

This is another edition of CCleaner PC optimizer and cleaner tool, that is available for Windows computer. This version has all the features that are available in the Professional edition discussed above. In addition, this product has the disk defragmentation feature. For the fragmentation problems the disk and the programs get unresponsive or slower. With defrag tool this software will minimize this problem very effectively. Another very important feature of the Professional Plus edition is its File Recovery program. Suppose you have deleted some files from your PC accidentally. You can easily recover those files by using this file recovery program of CCleaner Professional Plus. To purchase this edition, you have to pay $39.95 and with the current coupon until expiry, it would be some less.

The Mac Edition Features

Good news for the Mac users is that CCleaner is available in Mac edition. The graphical user interface of this product is perfect for the Mac computers. It has the system monitoring capability as well as the browser care tool. Like the PC edition, it also has the startup and cookie manager systems. For the Safari cleaning tool this product has become more powerful. You can buy this product for $24.95. And when CCleaner coupon code 2016 is applied, there will be some special discount coupon price applied.