CCGetMac Pricing: Get a Cool Review

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To handle any PC, we need to rely on various types of utility tools. For finding out the Mac address of any PC, many tools and methods are available. Among of them, CCGetMac is s supportive one solution for detecting the Mac address, IP address and the computer name of any specific PC. This process can be handled even if any PC is connected to a LAN network.

CCGetMac Review
CCGetMac is very helpful for the network administrators. They can easily use this tool to look up the Mac address of each PC from a LAN system. Besides, you can also detect the users who have changed the IP address and the Mac address also for spoofing. To assure this process, it affords the active scanning process from a defined range. With the support of CCGetMac, you will be able to change the specific Mac address under any network device system.

The summary on this tool
One of the best features under this solution is the scanning process of the host machine’s condition, CPU, MAC, RAM size, system version, Shared folder, network card status and so on terms. To extract the Mac address from any PC, it affords the best scanning mood. Through this, the needed information can also be extracted from any PC. Besides, the information passing process among various PC while detecting all the Mac addresses from the PCs under any network can be enabled through this. It is also supportive of the auto scanning system with the defined interval time. Then it also affords the users to add the network-based segments to the section of favourite. From this section, you can delete or add any new user.

The supportive features of this solution
To open the host from the remote section via the web and the remote desktop, it affords an additional tool. To obtain the host machine’s based information through wmi, Arp, and NetBIOS; it offers some supportive conditions and the tools. After that, it is allowed for the multiple languages supporting issue. Then, CCGetMac issues an active feature which is WOL which means the wake on LAN. This process refers to the similar activity of WOM (Zero Voltage based Wake on Modem). In fact; in building up the proper communication process between various PC through maintaining the Mac id detection process, the use of CCGetMac is just outstanding.

The pricing issue of CCGetMac
CCGetMac offers a trial version of this solution and it can be used freely up to 15 days. After that period, you will have to purchase the full license and its price is only $30 for each license. During the license period of this, you will get all the technical support and the facilities.