CCBoot Pricing: Get a Cool Review

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To maintain the term of booting solution with the presence of the disk system, you can depend on CCBoot Solution. This diskless booting system offers the users to manage the flexible up-gradation process and the recovery process of the needed software under the internet cafes. Besides, it is also applicable to the schools and the companies.

CCBoot Solution Review

CCBoot Solution offers the way to assure the boot system and it can simply restore the clean system at the reboot process. Besides, the computer system is also kept safe and virus free while depending on this. In fact; through this, you will get the term to update the PC through a single clicking process. In fact; in saving the disk space, the need for this solution is getting increased.

This solution is applicable for the Windows OS sections like Windows Vista, Windows 8 and the later versions. It is supportive of the physical drive system and the volume drive also. CCBoot Solution allows the users to upload the boot image to the boot server and then it saves it with the VMDK format. In this process, the client can easily recover a new system after the recovery process. It can support multiple server systems and the load balance.

Available features

Basic Facilities: While depending on CCBoot Solution, you won’t need to rely on the hard disk section of the client’s PC. This saves a huge amount of money of the clients. Then, it is also supportive to remove the Trojans and the viruses. Here, after making the rebooting process, the active system will be simply restored to a clean condition. Here, the network admin will make the up-gradation process into a single client PC and due to this process, all the available PCs that are connected through LAN will be simply updated. It can run with the windows domain system in a perfect way. A single person can log in to the domain account and s/he can make the proper changes to the data storage system also.

Additional features

CCBoot Solution can be used on dual LANs, dual NICs and even if in VLAN. The personal disk section of this solution offers the users to store the client data that will never lose at the time of reboot. Here, multiple OS booting systems are allowed by which the selecting process of multiple OS can be handled. After that, it is also supportive for making the customization process of the boot graphics.

Available plans for CCBoot Solution

CCBoot Solution issues almost three plans. Inside the Starter Plan, you will have to pay $6/PC in every month. Here, almost 10-25 PCs can be connected. In Basic Plan, almost 26-50 PCs can be configured with the price of $5/PC in every month. The Pro plan is used for professional case and it asks $4/PC for each month.