Cardiris Pro Pricing: Get a Cool Review

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To turn all the available business cards into the digital contacts, Cardiris Pro is a reliable one solution. It has the ability to extract the needed data from the business cards. To enable this, it affords the secured scanning process. In this method, it also applies the advanced level image processing.

Cardiris Pro Review

Cardiris Pro isĀ supportive of the well-known contact management solutions. In the scanning process, it can capture the needed information which is available on the card. After that, that information is managed by the electronic contacts and these are saved into the needed contact manager like Lotus Notes, Outlook etc. Besides, if any user wants, then s/he can export the needed contacts into the cloud backup solutions.

Quick Summary of Cardiris Pro

Cardiris Pro can extract the business card info in an automatic way. To create the new business card by using the selected text, it applies a supportive condition. Besides, the drag and drop functions are also available here for text placing in the new business card. To assign an image to the contact list, it uses the reliable image processing activity. The available field and the categories can be customized here. To remove the presence of duplicate information, Cardiris Pro uses the duplicate management condition. Moreover, advanced level export systems are also available within this tool.

Active Features List

Cardiris Pro is very helpful for any business firm. To eliminate the manual mood in business information collecting process from any business card, it has offered a wide range of conditions. This tool is supportive of all the scanner brands. Besides, it also issues a portable scanner for the flexibility of the users. In general case, the users may lose the business cards due to many reasons.

But if all the business cards information is saved into a contact list in digital format, then that information can be found at any time and there is no chance of losing them. After extracting the needed information from the business card, you can easily export them to the cloud drive where you can access at any moment.

Additional Features: In any business firm, the available contact list is needed to store with the up-to-date condition. In this case, you also need to remove the duplicate information. That’s why; Cardiris Pro affords a built-in logic to find out the duplicate information from the contact management tool. After identifying them, it removes them automatically. In case of extracting the image from the business card, the original resolution can be managed while using this.

Pricing Issue of Cardiris Pro

Cardiris Pro is available with the price of $79. In purchasing this, the users will observe the secured payment system. Moreover, the technical supports are also available through the online system.