Carbonite Cloud Storage Review : Get an Amazing Pricing

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Online backup service can be needed for several purposes and the most important thing for the backup service is very secure and fast cloud storage. To get the cloud storage or online backup service you have to rely on any popular company like the Carbonite.

Why to Choose the Carbonite

This company not only provides different plans for the cloud storage, but also provides some other services. You can get the backup storage for personal uses as well as professional uses from this company. For each type of services, this company provides different plans.

The Personal Plans of Carbonite

Carbonite offers three different plans for the Personal category. If you want to use the cloud storage of this company for storing the backups from the computers in your home, then you can choose any of the plans of this category.

The most attractive feature of all the personal plans is the unlimited cloud storage facility. That means, no matter which plan you will accept, you will be able to store as many backups as you want. The Basic plan is suitable for the Windows and Mac computers. It includes the automatic cloud backup system. It will help you not only for storing the backups, but also for accessing and synchronizing those perfectly.

Another Personal Plan is the Plus Plan which offers each and every feature of the Basic plan with some advanced features. One of the advanced features is it offers the external hard drive backup solution. This is one of the very few backup solutions which offer the mirror image backup facilities to the customers. The most powerful plan is the Prime Plan, which includes the video backup system with a very advanced recovery service.

Business Plans Offered by This Company

Just like the Personal Plans, there are three business plans also and the names of those plans are also the same. Basic and Plus plans offer 250 GB cloud storage each but the Plus Plan offers some more features. You can use the Basic plans for creating the backups from the computers and additional hard drives.

The files from the NAS devices can also be stored with the help of this business backup solution. For many cases the files can be shared thorough the Windows server and that is why you can buy such backup solution which can deal with the Windows Servers. The Plus Plan of the Carbonite Company has the capability of dealing with this type of server. As the Plus plan includes 250 GB cloud storage, you may need some more spaces for your large business.

That is why the Carbonite Company provides the Prime Plan, which includes 500 GB storage with all the features of the Plus plan. With each business plan offered by this company, you can add additional storage by paying extra charges.