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Capsa Portable Network Analyzer Discount

Capsa Network Analyzer Reviews

Colasoft is the software company which offers some amazing products for maintaining networks. Each of the available products of this brand can be considered as successful. And among those, Capsa Network Analyzer is very impressive. For monitoring and analyzing the networks, this product can be used. No matter you have wired or wireless network, this tool will work fine with that. It can considered as the packet of various important features. Get this product containing fantastic features with our discount coupon offer. To have this Capsa Network Analyzer coupon, no discount code is required. Both the editions of this product have some common features. And those also have some differences. Let’s check out all those things:

Fast Problem Detector

One of the main features of the Capsa Portable Network Analyzer is it can find out the network problems very quickly. Sometimes, suspicious hosts can get into the network and those can be very harmful. This product will identify those very efficiently. At the same time, this product also has the network behavior monitoring functionality. It is very much useful for storing the email traffics. And even it can store the instant message traffics impressively. With the help of this tool, you can deal with the data handling violations very nicely. You can also identify each of the hosts and traffics without problems. And even the MAC address can also be detected by Capsa.

User Friendly Solution

For viewing the network statistics, you don’t have to face any complex situation. The user friendly dashboard will help you to see the statistics very easily and instantly. The network utilization data can also be analyzed by the Capsa Network Analyzer. In any network, there must be various kinds of protocols. Some network tools cannot work with all of those. But this one has the ability to analyze more than one thousand different protocols. Depending on the protocols, Capsa can easily identify a suitable network application. This advanced solution will help you to control the data transmission over the networks.

The Enterprise edition of this product has the ability to create different analysis profile and detailed reports. Custom reports can also be generated by this one. It can offer both the DoS attacked and DoS attacking views.

Pricing and Discount of Editions

From the above discussion, it is not difficult to understand that the Enterprise edition is a stronger one. Plenty of additional features have been added in that. Price of that is only $995 according to 21 February 2016 without the discount. And to purchase the Capsa Professional, you have to pay only $695. From the Professional Edition, you can upgrade to the Enterprise edition. In that case, an additional 500 USD should be paid. For each of these two products, trial version has been offered.

The Trial Version of this product is also available and it is free of cost. But it has some limitations too. It cannot work with more than 10 IPs. And this version of Capsa Portable Network Analyzer can monitor the session of 4 hours only.

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