Camtasia Promo Code 2016: Studio & Mac Coupon

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There  is currently Camtasia promo code not available, but we’ll provide 10% rebate on the total amount spend as an alternative to discount.

This 10% rebate will be provided to your PayPal ID within 24 hours of purchase. After TechSmith Camtasia tool purchase, just email us your purchase details and PayPal ID. Email ID is: admin [at] You’ll receive the rebate within mention 24 hours time.

Promo Code for Camtasia Studio

TechSmith provides a number of cool tools which are featured in their own arena. Camtasia is one of them which has both Windows and Mac edition. Here we are going to analyze some discussions on the tool.

Camtasia Studio Review and Promotional Code

There is no need to use different software or applications to capture the videos and images from the websites, create unique videos with those and share the created videos to different video sharing websites. If you use TechSmith Camtasia Studio then you can do all these things by using the built in tools of this software. Currently Camtasia coupon code is not  available, so here we are offering rebate. So instead of Camtasia Studio promo code, you can avail the 10% rebate.

The screen capturing capability of this software is very high in class and it is capable of recording the videos in very high resolution and quality. It can capture the videos from any type of websites, slide shows and even video games. Not only you can use the captured videos for creating the unique video presentation, but also you can import the HD videos from your computer to create those very easily and perfectly. You can also use any number of images and sound files to make the video representations more attractive to the viewers.

So if you like to have the promo for the TechSmith tool, get the benefit of the discount in 2016.

More Benefits

One of the newest features of TechSmith Camtasia Studio is the Remove a Color option. For this facility you can change or remove the colors of any frame of the videos without using any additional video editing tool. Latest quality crop tools are also considerable things about this product of Tech Smith. Not only you can crop any scene or frame of a video but also you can attach various types of cropped parts of and create unique videos with those. You can also copy any scene of the videos by using this versatile software.

Camtasia Studio will help you to organize and attach all the videos, audios, animations and images to create the unique video presentations. This software also provides the smart focus tool for making the videos more attractive. Different kind of visual effects is provided with this product and using those visual effects, you can make the videos very appealing to the audience. You will get the Smart Player, which can be used to show any type of videos to the audience with proper resolution and quality.

Get Camtasia for Mac

TechSmith Camtasia for Mac Reviews

There are some unique products provided by the Tech Smith software company. Camtasia for Mac is one of the products of Tech Smith and it offers some unique features. This software will mainly help you about capturing all the things from the websites, keeping the records of all the activities on the internet, editing and sharing the files. So if you like to have this tool, there is rebate available. As we are not offering Camtasia for Mac promo code or promotional code due to unavailability, so you can get the rebate as coupon alternative.

Main Features

This unique product of Tech Smith has the capability to capture anything which is available to the screen of your device. It can work with any type of browser with the same efficiency. So you can use this Camtasia Studio software for capturing the videos, audios and images very easily and using those for creating the files for the presentations. One of the main features of this product is the Smart Focus option for which your videos and presentation will be more attractive and different parts of the slide shows will be highlighted properly.

Another main feature of TechSmith Camtasia for Mac is the Freeze Region option which will block all the popups and notifications during the period of recording and that is why the recorded video will be perfect and just as you want. You can select any frame of any video to add texts and comments. This software has the capability to classify the videos in maximum number of frames. You can change the speed of the videos and if you want, then you can change the speed of any part of the video. Camtasia for Mac will also help you to customize the animation very easily and perfectly.

The Camtasia Promo code 2016 will help to avail the tool with 10% off. Either purchase single or multiple license, the promotion rebate would be applied on the total amount spent for purchasing. The coupon code price will help to get the Camtasia Studio tool at reduced price.