Camcloud Pricing: Get an Exclusive Review

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Video monitoring services are provided by many companies but all of those are not popular equally because they do not offer exactly the same features. In this case, the Camcloud is very popular and it can be considered as one of the best cloud video monitoring services. If you compare the features of the Camcloud with the other cloud video monitoring services then you will be able to understand why it has achieved so much popularity.

Camcloud Review

The Camcloud can work with any type of web cameras and IP cameras. To the website of this company, there is the list of the supported cameras. If you do not see the name of your camera to that list then you can request to the Camcloud team to use it with your camera.

Main Features of This Video Monitoring System

There is no difficulty to use the Camcloud and that is why you will be able to use it to monitor and record the videos very easily. After recording, you can store the videos in the cloud storage very safely. It can not only capture the videos with the cameras but also take the images. Like all the other powerful cloud video monitoring system, the Camcloud can also deal with multiple cameras. To use this with the cameras, you don’t have to install any type of software. It will help you to watch the live videos and stored videos from anywhere. To record and customize the videos, Camcloud offers very powerful tools.

Different Plans Offered by the Camcloud

There are three plans for the Camcloud video monitoring service. All those three plans offer the facility to view unlimited videos. Automated email alert system is also the common feature of all the plans. The Basic plan, which is suitable for use at home, can deal with 4 different cameras at the same time. If you accept this plan then you will be able to store the recorded videos of one day to the cloud storage. This plan will let you store five thousand images also. Another plan is the Standard plan which supports 10 different cameras at the same time.

By using this plan, you can store the video of 1-week duration and thirty thousand images to the storage. The Premium plan is the most powerful plan which is suitable for monitoring the large business organizations. After becoming the customer of the Premium plan, you will be able to store video of one month and 100 thousand images can also be stored. The most important feature of the Unlimited Plan is it can deal with an unlimited number of cameras. Before choosing any of these plans, you can use the free plan of the Camcloud to use with one camera for 30 videos and hundred images.