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BS1 Accounting Coupon

BS1 Accounting Review

As its name this software does some major accounting for a Company or organization or even personal business. Even this software could be useful to an individual. This software helps to keep up with the business account data. This Software organizes all the documents of the business in its personal data base. This software can do several  maintaining of the account of an organization.  The best thing is that this software is available for any country and any companies. That means anyone could buy this one and use this as an accountant. This software will reduce the necessity of an accountant as this software has easy and smooth interface so anyone with computer knowledge can use this software as a professional accountant. This software has the ability to organize account payable, accounts receivable,  general ledger, inventory, sales orders, purchase orders Manufacturings etc. But several functions are only available for BS1 Accounting Enterprise. All the functions are very much essential for keeping record of different data. The launch pad of this software fits on the any screen of computer. That makes this software very useful and compatible. Individual financial statements can be created through this software. The set up process is very simple and easy. Get this easy-to-use product with our coupon offer through the above mentioned link. There is no necessity of any additional coupon code to get the BS1 Accounting discount.

Features of This Product

The basic features of BS1 Accounting are very impressive that this could do the job of a whole accountant. The launch pad supports almost every display in the world. There are several functions of the software. Firstly, it can take on the accounts payable data on its very own database and display it whenever the user wants to display it. And there’s also another function for accounts receivable that holds the data of cash receiving in the account. This software also comes with a daily ledger system that holds all the daily transaction of the money from the account. Sales analysis is the best, as it analyses the wholesale operation and summarizes that and gives a final report. This result can be get by monthly or weekly even that daily is also available. There’s sales order option is also available. This holds the data of the order that was claimed from the client. It also summarizes the sales order in total and give a short report on that. As it has sales order facility, it also has purchase order, Client’s purchase order gets kept on this. There is another toolbar that holds AR Toolbar, invoices, payments and AR reports. This software also supports multi-currency that can also convert to the user-defined currency format.

Plans and Packages

This handy software is free, but lacks some features that are essential. So BS1 Accounting is not free at all. With all the features including free features this software is worth of $79 for 1 user without the coupon.

BS1 Accounting has got happy customers all over and is a reliable product. If you find it suitable too, then please purchase it with our promo offer. We hope you enjoy the BS1 Accounting coupon and pricing.