BS1 Accounting Review: Get an Exclusive Pricing

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In maintaining our professional field with the best output, we need to depend on the accounting software. In this category, BS1 Accounting is a helpful solution for the users. This program is very simple and flexible to install. This account software program ensures the way with the inventory supporting condition.

BS1 Accounting Review

BS1 Accounting allows the company managers with some aspects by which they can manage the tracking process of the payment issue and revenue condition. This is not only helpful in these two fields but also support for managing the sales management issue, general revenue system, and the related tasks. Then, you can also apply this to ensure the sales ordering process, manufacturing process etc.

What’s New inside this?

BS1 Accounting is very user-friendly with the flexible interface system. It can simply fit with the screen with the available options. Here, the multi-currency system provides the facilities of product purchasing and the billing system for the corresponding product. This condition is also valid for export and import issue. In case of need, you can handle the financial statement issue. Then, the inventory totals and the GL account based total can also be seen here with the drop-down list system. Forgetting the idea of the statement-making process, you can use some dummy data from BS1 Accounting.

Active functions offered here

BS1 Accounting is considered as crucial account software for all types of business solution and it helps the users to organize the receipts and payment system. It offers a wide range of features by which you will be able to create a standard database system having the needed details under the accounting condition. With the supportive layout system, you can manage various types of actions according to the need. Here, you can easily add a lot of companies in the corresponding list with the needed info. To add the new vendors to any list, some tools are provided here. In this process, all the needed fields have been included like name, phone number, address, email address, discount days, currency, notes and the vendor type. Besides, the payment history under each vendor can also be controlled from this section. Then, the payment term management issue, payment method, available currency can be integrated simply here.

Pricing condition of BS1 Accounting

BS1 Accounting offers a trial version of some limited issue. To get a single license with the supporting condition, you will be asked only $129. For 3 user license copy, you will be asked only $387 at a time. For 5 user license, only $715 is needed to pay. Besides, this accounting software offers an unlimited user license copy. For this copy, you need to pay only $1,070 at a time.