BrainHost Company Pricing: Get an Exclusive Review

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So many website hosting provider companies have been formed and those companies offer various types of web hosting facilities. All the companies are not popular all over the world because of lack of features and facilities. The BrainHost Company, on the other hand, has achieved so much popularity for not only providing the hosting services but also for providing different types of domain registration facilities. For the hosting, this company offers various types of packages and very much flexible pricing plans for different validity periods.

BrainHost Company Review

Tons of features are provided with the website hosting of the BrainHost Company. After purchasing any of the packages of the web hosting of this company, you will be allowed to create an unlimited number of hosted domains. Various web hosting providers offer different size of disk space with each of the web hosting packages. But in this case the BrainHost, you will get an unlimited amount of disk space to use. Highly secured email accounts will be provided with the hosting services of the BrainHost Company. The web hosting of this company also supports an unlimited number of FTP accounts and MSQL databases. Spam blocker program will be provided to you with the hosting of this company. It also offers the web file manager tool. So many bonus features are available on the website hosting of BrainHost.

Features of the Webhosting of This Company

The web hosting server provided by this company can be managed with the help of Linux operating system. After purchasing any of the packages of the web hosting, you will also get dedicated IPs. Always the server will perform with great speed because of the quad-core CPU.

The BrainHost Company offers three different packages for the hosting and all of those include unlimited hosting. You don’t have to buy additional tools for creating the websites because the BrainHost Company offers free web builder tools with the hosting services. One of the most considerable things about the web hosting of the BrainHost is this company offers different types of web hosting like the shared hosting which in which different clients use one server for their websites. Another type of hosting is the dedicated hosting and if you get this type of hosting then you will be able to get entire server as the rented one. E-commerce and Business hosting are the other types of hosting of this company.

Registration for New Websites

The BrainHost Company not only offers the web hosting services but also offers different types of domain registration facilities. You can get different types of domain names for your websites like .com, .biz, .org etc. You don’t have to think about the price of the websites because this company offers the websites at very cheap prices.