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In any site, there exists a lot of essential data. To manage the proper use of the data, the site owners need to ensure the backup system of the data on any site. For the WordPress based site, this process can be handled by the touch of blogVault Pro. This ensures the most effective way to backup your WordPress site. It allows all the simple methods to backup and restores the site. Besides, the migration process can also be managed through this.

BlogVault Pro Review

Generally, the backup activity is a needed one part of any online based business solution. The regular backup mood approves the best way to keep your data safe. To manage this term, blogVault Pro is a top one as it offers the daily backup system of the essential data from your WordPress site. This active plug-in doesn’t manage only the database file backup procedure but also assures the system file backup process. To handle this term, it assures the real-time backup activity, a daily backup system with the automatic procedure. This backup data is transferred to the drop box or other cloud section. Moreover, one of the best features of this solution is the offline based activity. This means that the data will be saved when the site is in the offline mood.

Backup procedure

In case of managing the backup system, blogVault Pro offers the best security mood. At the initial level, it asks for the encryption mood before sending. Due to this active encryption mood, the data will be sent with the best security mood. So, other users won’t be able to access your data. This backup system can be managed with the user-friendly timing process. So, with the scheduled timing format, the data will be backed up. You can use various types of cloud drive to store your data. Among of them, you can use Dropbox, Google Drive or other related platforms. In case of saving the site data, you will get a secured password protection mood. After that, at the time of restoration, you will also get the same procedure. At any time, you can retrieve the needed database file or other files in your WordPress site. The history section is an essential part under blogVault Pro. The presence of this section ensures the way to check out the data saving activities and the restore mood for the last 30 days.

Pricing issue of blogVault Pro

BlogVault Pro is needed for the business platform and the large enterprise section. To get this package for monthly basis, you will need to pay only $39 in each month. For the yearly condition, only $389 is needed to pay and it is valid for 7 sites using conditions.