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Online system is an essential part in this time. With the proper use of the online system, we can manage our life in a flexible way. Under the online system, web section is a concerning one. To manage the web section, the users have to assure some factors. Among of these factors, hosting is a needed one. In the category of hosting services, you can find various platforms. Among of these platforms, Beyond hosting is a trusted one.

The Overview of Beyond Hosting

To provide the hosting services, Beyond Hosting offers all the needed facilities and the customer supports. It applies the best hardware management system with the effective monitoring system. Besides, the cloud based hosting facility is also available here.

Beyond Hosting

Hosting Facilities with Available Conditions

VPS Hosting: Under this category, you will get two options. The first one is the Linux VPS and the second one is the Windows VPS. In the category of Linux VPS, the users will observe three sectors. These are STARTER, VPS2048 and VPS4096. To buy these packages, you need to pay $49.99, $64.99 and $134.99 sequentially. In the last package, you will get a huge amount of functions with the user friendly supports. Among these functions, you will get dedicated RAM, CPU cores, Burstable RAM, Bandwidth, Domain Support and so on. In the category of Windows hosting, there exists 4 packages. The Windows VPS is used to control the remote desktop which is run with the Windows based OS. To manage your needs, this is an absolute one platform.

Cloud Dedicated Server: This service offers the users a way by which they can select any specific service according to the need. Under this category, you will find the facility of configuring the server with the allowed supports. It is optimized with the affiliate services and the monitoring facilities. Besides, the backup facility is also available here. In the case of hardware management system, you will get top level support. Moreover, the best networking system is assured under this package.

Other Effective Facilities

CDN Network: Under the CDN network, you can easily improve the load time of the corresponding site by applying the storing system of the contents on the specific server. To manage this networking system, it has arranged the servers almost in 60 cities. Due to the use of the best technology, it has covered the best speed in the loading time of any site. Besides, the backup service is also available under Beyond Hosting. This system can be operated in an automatic process from the dedicated server or the VPS server. All the facilities and the features of Beyond Hosting are very reliable with the best security mood. In fact; Beyond Hosting offers the best facilities for the users.