BeeThink SpyDetector Product Review, Get Amazing Pricing

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For the protection of the private data, you always have to aware of the spyware and spy bots. In other words, the network traffic should be monitored all the time. Otherwise, all your activities will be followed by others and your privacy will be lost. But these tasks cannot be done manually. You have to take help of an efficient tool.

BeeThink SpyDetector Feature and Review

BeeThink Software has offered several tools for the protection of the computers and networks. SpyDetector is one of the best creations of this product. This product actually works against all types of spyware, adware and spy bots. I have tried to mention some main features of this product in this review.

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Impressive Firewall Protection

One of the main advantages of the SpyDetector is the firewall protection. As the user, you will get the power to set the rules for the firewall. So your computers will be as protected just as you want. Suppose someone is spying on you and you need to know his details. By using an ordinary tool, you won’t be able to do that. But the BeeThink SpyDetector will help you to do so. That means, not only it detects the spy attempt, but also it collects the owner IP address and other information. Suspicious packet contents will also be monitored very efficiently by this software.

Efficient Network Monitoring

There should not be any doubt that the real-time traffic monitoring system of this software is very efficient. SpyDetector of BeeThink Software has the capability to monitor each and every incoming and outgoing packets. Similarly, it can also keep the records of those packets. Sometimes, you will need to track the spyware packets. This feature will help you in such cases. Blacklist and whitelist of IP addresses can be created by the Beethink SpyDetector. By doing so, user internet access can be controlled very easily.

BeeThink SpyDetector Pricing

For most of the products, the BeeThink has offered volume discounts. This software is also offered with that facility. For single license, the necessary cost is $29.95 as of the date of creating this post. For the increasing number of licenses, the unit price will be decreased. Suppose, you are looking for 10 to 14 licenses. In that case, you just have to pay $19 for each.

Similarly, you may also need 50 or more licenses at a time for the computers in your office. In that case, the unit cost for you will be 12.95 USD only. Many people think that there is no such difference between trial version and paid version of the software. But one of the main differences is the customer support. After purchasing the SpyDetector, you will be allowed to contact the support team anytime you want. They will reply you via emails.