aXsware PDF to DWG Converter Review: Get Amazing Pricing

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We all know that various drawings can be done with the help of the AutoCAD. But you cannot draw in this manner in very short time. If the DWG drawing is needed to be done in quick time, you can use the PDF to DWG Converter of aXsware Company.

Overview of aXsware PDF to DWG Converter

This software can easily convert the contents of the PDF files into the DWG files. It can also deal with the AutoCAD DXF files. So many features have been included in this powerful solution. Let’s check some of those:

aXsware PDF to DWG Converter

Perfectly Retains the Contents

This product has the capability to retain the contents of the PDF files. Various optional features have been integrated in the aXsware PDF to DWG Converter. This product will let you convert the solids of the PDF files finely to the DWG files. Sometimes it can be necessary to retain the borderlines of the contents only. This software will let you do that also. Some people think that keeping the lines is very much easy and that can be done by any software. But actually a top class converter tool can only keep the position and other properties of the lines. The PDF to DWG Converter of aXsware can be used for doing this thing. And it can finely convert the selected texts of the PDF files into the AutoCAD DWG files. The colors of the converted drawings will be protected finely.

Batch Processing Facility

You don’t have to select every PDF file to convert that all the time. You can select multiple files and then it will convert those all. Even it can deal with the entire folders at the same time. No matter the PDF files are of single page or multi-pages, the PDF to DWG Converter will deal with those perfectly. You can use this as the AutoCAD Add-on. There are very few tools which can retain the arcs with high accuracy. This product of the aXsware brand has the capability to do that.

Amazing Pricing Plans

aXsware PDF to DWG Converter has come with very attractive pricing plans. Depending on the number of users, the unit price has been offered. For example, you may need this only for one user. In that case the price for you is only $229.00 as per 2 November 2015. This unit cost will be reduced if you purchase this for more users. License for the 2 to 5 users can be enjoyed by $199.00/user. Similarly, if you purchase this for 6 to 10 users, the unit cost will be 179.00 USD/ user. For more than 10 users, the price for PDF to DWG Converter of aXsware brand is only 159.00 USD per user. The technical support team of this company is very friendly. After purchasing the license, you will get the free upgrades for one year. After that, you can use the product but cannot enjoy the upgrades.