AutoDWG DWGViewX Review : Get an Awesome Pricing

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If you can do so many things with one tool, then why should you depend on multiple tools? There are various formats of the CAD files. And for viewing each of these, there are separate viewers. But all those can be viewed with the help of one tool. Then name of that product is DWGViewX.


Review of AutoDWG DWGViewX

This is an amazing product of AutoDWG brand. Already this brand has achieved huge popularity for providing various tools for CAD files. But this product is really very useful. And the pricing of this viewer is also very much impressed. Here are the highlights of this tool:

The Main Features

Support to the relative path is one of the best features of the AutoDWG DWGViewX. For this powerful feature, this product can load the drawings from the local disks. And it can also load the files from network sites as well. Now the thing is which types of files can be loaded with this product. This tool of AutoDWG brand can open the DWF, DWG and DXF files very efficiently. There are various versions of those files.

This solution supports all the version from R2.5 to latest 2016. So you don’t have to worry about the versions of the AutoCAD or any other CAD files. If you want to view any drawing files, various facilities must be needed. You may need to rotate and zoom those files. Even the background on those drawings can also be needed to be changed. DWGViewX can be used for doing all of those.

Very Attractive Pricing

You can choose any of the two available versions of the AutoDWG DWGViewX. The Standard Version of this product is available for the price 1190 USD. On the other hand, the price of the Pro Version of this product is only 1490 USD as of 15 April 2016. The basic features are available in both of these editions. And both of these are the lifetime licenses with one year update facility.

The Pro Version is highly recommended solution for the professionals. DWGViewX Pro will let you calculate the lines and areas of the drawings very easily. These licenses are suitable for development, site and server uses.

Some Other Facilities

When you will choose any kind of drawing related tool that must be stand-alone. Because if that is not a stand-alone solution, the device must have Autodesk products to run that. So you will not be able to work properly on the computers. The DWGViewX of the AutoDWG is the stand-alone solution which does not require other solutions to be run.

Standard Active-X control is another good feature of this product. And this one can work in the environments of various programming languages. Some of those languages are Delphi, VC++ and JavaScript. DWGViewX is very much helpful for the printing of the drawings.