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Auto FTP Manager Review

To maintain the flexible scheduling process and the automation process of the FTP transmission, Auto FTP Manager is a helpful program. This offers all the simple steps to maintain these activities. You can rely on this program to connect with any type of FTP server. After that, you can also upload and manage the downloading process in an automatic way. To handle the proper planning process and the automation process of your workflow, all the supportive conditions are offered here. It supports the users to move and synchronize the corresponding files among the PCs to server, FTP server to server, PC to PC etc. All these processes can be handled in an automatic way. If you liked the aspects of this product, then get it at a reduced price with the coupon and discount. You don’t need any other extra coupon code here.

Fundamental Condition issued by this

The simple wizard section of this program offers the users to maintain the action rules by which the specific files and the folders can be transferred. Besides, the automated transfer protocol system is mainly afforded here to download and upload almost any file from a folder. The synchronization process between two directories can be managed here in a simple way. This also ensures the way to record the actions according to your choice. The filtering process inside Auto FTP Manager allows the way to manage the proper filtering process in case of file transmission. This is managed through the file name, size, type and modification date basis.

Available Supports of This

Scheduling system: One of the best features under Auto FTP Manager is the flexible scheduling system. The scheduling system affords the way to transfer the files on hourly basis or custom timing basis. This means that, the needed file will be transferred into the server section directly. Besides, it is also configured with multi threading condition and due to this condition a wide range of connections can be developed at a single time.

Controlling system: To manage the controlling system of the FTP manager is very simple. Auto FTP Manager offers the way to handle the command based interface system. Here, the scheduling activity will be performed in the background section. In fact; the transmission process is maintained like the drag and drop format. Here, you can also assure the task of editing, deleting and other related tasks.

Additional features: Security system is an effective term inside the Auto FTP Manager. All the latest technologies are provided here in the security section. It is supported with the secured FTP-SSL connection. Here, the file management system is handled by the proper synchronization system. In fact; the users can control the transferring process from admin panel quite easily.

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