Auto FTP Manager Tool Review : Get an Amazing Pricing

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It can be said that the products of the Deskshare brands are very rare. You cannot see such products offered by many other companies. For example, the FTP client tools are offered by few companies. But for this field, you cannot deal with normal quality products. As the main task of these is to transfer the files safely, you much choose a highly efficient product.

Auto FTP Manager Review

Deskshare has offered the Auto FTP Manager and it is one of the leading FTP client tool. This highly advanced solution has so many impressive features to describe. But in this short review, it is not possible to focus on each of those. That is why I have tried to highlight the major features as following:

Automatic File Transfer

Three main things about the Auto FTP Manager will impress you at a first look. Number one, is it has a very useful automation system. Depending on the schedule, it can transfer the files very safely. And the second thing is, different types of transfers can be handled by this.

It can exchange the files between computer to computer, server to server and computer to FTP Server. Third important thing of Auto FTP Manager is it supports various action rules. With the help of this one, you can delete, move and copy the selected files. You can set the actions for each of the targeted files before transferring.

Suitable Pricing Options

Actually the advanced features and the suitable pricing options have made the Auto FTP Manager very attractive. You can purchase single or multiple units at the same time. If you want to get one unit of this, then the price will only be 49.95 USD. This unit cost will be the same up to total 4 units. But when you will purchase 5 to 9 products at a time, then the price will be reduced to 44.95 USD/product. And similarly, you can get several hundred units by more attractive price. Here the pricing has been mentioned as per the date of writing this post.

Take Your Control

The Auto FTP Manager will let you take control on the file transfer. You can easily choose the transfer priorities for the most important files. While the transfer begins, it is very important to know the status of the files. And this product will show you whenever asked. The transfer queue of this software is capable of working with multiple files at a time.

That is why the transferring task will be completed in the quickest possible time. All the actions can be saved by the Auto FTP Manager. Later you can playback those very easily. And the necessary logs will also be saved with this product. The logs will show all the details you may look for.