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Why to Choose Atomic Mail Sender

Bulk mail sending is the main task of the automatic email sender software. When you will choose any email sender, you have to consider the built in programs and features of that software. In this case you can choose Atomic Mail Sender for your email marketing. This software is one of the best and most popular products of the famous Atomic brand. For the excellence of operation, this software is very unique. Moreover, there is Atomic Mail Sender discount available which could be get clicking above link. No additional code is required, clicking the link will automatically open the coupon price for 2017.

This Atomic Email Sender software can work with three different types of SMTP servers. That is why you don’t have to worry about the quickness of sending emails and reaching those mails to the huge number of recipients. Amazing feature of Atomic Mail Sender is it’s built in SMTP server. This server will ensure the bypassing of the emails. That is why those mails will be directly bypassed to the recipients. Sometimes direct sending is forbidden to the recipient server. In this case you will be able to use the external SMTP server. If those two types of servers become failed, then there will be the option for you to use the Partner SMTP server. That means by hook or by crook this Atomic Mail Sender will reach the emails to the recipients very quickly.

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More Features of This Software

Now another consideration can be the number of recipients Atomic Mail Sender can work with. You don’t have to be tensed about this issue because this software can work with unlimited email addresses at the same time with unlimited frequency of the mails. There is also no limit for the size and content type of the emails.

You can create the list of emails to the notepad or Word Sheet or Excel Sheet or to any other document sheet and then use Atomic mail sender to import the email addresses from that document sheet. The tokens can be added to the mails which will be perfectly replaced with the name, addresses and other details of the email recipients.  All these features indicate that Atomic Mail Sender can be the best choice for your email campaign and marketing.

You don’t have to send the emails to the huge number of recipients manually anymore if you have this exclusive product of the Atomic Brand. It can deal with unlimited number of email recipients at a time and send emails to those accounts perfectly. For ensuring the maximum speed for sending mails, this product of Atomic uses three different SMTP servers one of which is the built in server of this product. With that built in SMTP server, it can send the mails, directly to the recipients. If that is not possible, then it is able to use the external and partner SMTP servers.

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Atomic Newsgroup Explorer

To extract everything from the NNTP servers you can use this Atomic product. It is suitable for use in any type of NNTP servers. From those servers it can extract the email addresses with complete details like the username, account holder’s name etc. in very short time. The most interesting thing is it will show you the name of the newsgroup with each of the email addresses. After getting the list of email addresses you will be able to remove any of those you want. Atomic Newsgroup Explorer can also be integrated with the other products of the same brand.

Email Studio

If you are a professional email marketer, then Atomic Email Studio can be perfect for you because it consists of all the required tools for email marketing. It can import the email addresses from all the types of documents and websites. It has the capability to check the availability of the addresses and trace those beautifully. It can save the newly opened email addresses to the recipient chart and that is why that chart will be always updated.

Atomic Mail Sender and Coupon Code

Atomic is really a unique software company which provides some impressive and innovative products. The products of this company are very useful for the email sending & email marketing. You can choose the products of this brand to enhance the total email campaign. You don’t have to spend your valuable time to complete email campaign. If you use the products of this brand, then you can be sure that your campaign will be successful. So have the reduction price with Atomic Mail Sender coupon 2017. This is one of the sophisticated tool from Mass Mail Software site The discount coupon will help to get the product at cheaper price.