Atomic Email Studio Discount, Coupon for 2017

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Discount for Atomic Email Studio

Overview of the Atomic Email

The AtomPark Software Company is very popular for providing the mass mail software programs. If you want to deal with the huge number of emails regularly, then the products of this brand can be very good choices for you. Each of the products can be bought for different purposes. After considering the features of the products of AtomPark, if you want to buy all the main products of this company then it will be best for you to buy the Atomic Mail Studio v.9.90. Because this product is the combination of 9 different products of the AtomPark Software Company. There is Atomic Email Studio coupon available which is mentioned earlier. So have the discount when purchasing the same.

Programs of This Universal Product

In the single interface of this product, you will get all the stunning products of the AtomPark. Let’s discuss about the features of each of the included programs of this product. The Atomic Email Sender program has been included in this product and this program will help you to send a large number of emails to different recipients. It has the capability to help you to manage different types of mailing lists. To search new subscribers and unsubscribe the selected email addresses, the Email Sender program will help you. For each of the email campaigns, you can use the Atomic Email Hunter program of the tool.

This Program will let you import email addressed from different types of files and from the internet. It can also help you verify the email addresses very efficiently. Actually the Email Verifier program has also been added to the Atomic Email Studio and with the help of that program, you will be able to verify the activeness of the email addresses of the mailing lists. All these tools can be purchased with discount and promo under single tool- Atomic Email Studio.

More Built-in Program

Atomic List Manager is another included program of this product and it can be used for creating a unique mailing list of different types of lists. You can add or remove different types of addresses from the mailing list with the help of this program. It is very essential to handle the subscriptions and to do that you can use the Atomic Subscription Manager of the Email Studio. Sometimes it can be necessary to gather to contacts from various types of local files. In such cases you can use the Email Logger of this product. To collect the data from the WHOIS databases and from the Newsgroup, the WHOIS Database Explorer and Newsgroup Explorer will help you. Atomic Web Spider is another very goop built-in program, of the Atomic Email Studio, which will collect all the contact information from all types of websites.

Atomic Email Studio Pricing and Discount Coupon

To download the full version of the latest edition, you need to spend $299 only. The corporate licenses for 3, 5 and 10 PCs are available for $549, $699 and $999 respectively prior to 2017.

The Atomic Email Studio discount coupon will help to get the tool from Mass Mail Software at 10% off price. So have the promo when purchasing the tool here.