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ASTGD Auto Responder Discount

ASTGD Auto Responder Review

In the email marketing section, a lot of tools have been developed with various functionalities. ASTGD Auto Responder is considered as an effective one and its main task is to automate the email reply system. It has the ability to search for the mail under the incoming section and after that it will complete the reply processing in an automatic way. Here, you will get the term to add the needed email accounts. After getting any email message, it will simply reply to that message almost in the server section. If you are impressed with the review of Auto Responder, then get it a better price with the discount coupon. All you need to do is just to apply the discount code to get the ASTGD Auto Responder coupon.

SMTP and The Rotation Process

ASTGD Auto Responder is supportive for the SMTP location for multiple cases. Due to this facility, the users won’t need to conscious in getting blacklisted. This feature ensures the users to rotate the SMTP server while sending the needed number of mails and this is handled in an automatic way. Then, the SMTP server managing system is also very simple for the future case. Then, you will be able to save, test and load the SMTP list while getting no complexities. It is very supportive almost for the entire paid and free SMTP server. The users have the chance to use hotmail, Gmail, MSN, yahoo and other available free SMTP server quite easily as this software contains the needed configuration.

Active Processes Offered By This

ASTGD Auto Responder is mainly developed for sending multiple email responses by depending on the incoming emails. In conducting the multiple reply system, it uses some active conditions. At the first time, it uses the checking process to find out the incoming emails. After that, it applies the system to reply the message that has been arrived first. This system is managed here in an automatic way. Here, you will get the opportunity to compose the multiple messages in HTML format and you can also save them for the future using policy. Then, the selection process of multiple reply messages can also be configured here and this system is very helpful for the business section.

Craigslist Responder: ASTGD Auto Responder can be used for handling the Craigslist based coded mail. Here, the users will have to set the mother mail and after that this program will manage the checking process for Craigslist based coded mail.

Affiliate Marketing: This program can also be integrated with the affiliate marketing section. To enable this process, you just need to add an account for checking the incoming emails. Then, you need to set up the SMTP server also.

Pricing Policy and Discount of Craigslist Based Coded Mail

Craigslist based coded mail offers a free trial version. The trial version includes some limited features. To get the full license, you will need to pay only $60 at a time. This is the pricing without the discount being added.

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