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Purchase Article Video Robot with above 50% off coupon code. This applies for both Power and Business edition. Just get above code and apply it in the bottom of pricing page (like the following image) to get Article Video Robot discount.

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Details of the Article Video Robot

Technology is very advanced now and that is why you can do those tasks very easily which were once impossible. For example, once we cannot use software or tools to create articles any topic. But now so many tools have been created which can automatically generate unlimited number of articles on each topic. That means those tools are very much helpful for saving the valuable time and minimizing the difficulties. Article Video Robot is very advanced software which can be used for creating the marketing videos from the normal articles. This is very unique, but highly useful software. The Article Video Robot coupon code makes the tool much more attractive as there is 50% off discount for the same.

Advantages of This Innovative Software

If you think that there will be necessity of using additional video editing tools with Article Video Robot to create the marketing videos then you are not right. This software offers 6 different kinds of styles of videos and each of those are very impressive. So you just have to choose any style for your video and then this software will convert your articles into the video of that chosen style. Video submit robot is a very important built in tool of this product. By using the video submit robot, you will be able to post the created video very easily to various types of video sharing websites like YouTube, DailyMotion etc. You can post the videos to multiple sharing sites at a time.

Get Article Video Robot with discount coupon

Article Video Robot is very user friendly software and that is why it can be used in the computers as well as the mobile phones. It will not make any harm to the performances of the mobile devices. You can make the videos more attractive and professional by adding the human intros and outros. So the viewers will feel more comfortable to watch the videos with a human face. If you know about the website optimization, then you must know the benefits of optimization. Similarly the video optimization is very important for any video which will be shared to the video sharing sites. Video optimization deal with the number of links and keywords shared with the videos. The Article Video Robot has the capability to optimize the videos perfectly. So you don’t have to rely on other tools for the video optimization. 7 different kinds of human voices are added with this unique software and those voices can be used for the voice-over to the videos. The tools for managing the visitors are also added to the Article Video Robot.

Price Plans for Article Video Robot

With the discount, the price comes as much cheap as 50% of the regular price. Lite plan is the free edition of this software and if you use the free edition then you will be able to create the videos of 30 seconds duration. The Power Plan is one of the premium plan for this software and it will allow you to create videos of 10 minutes, whereas the Business plan lets the user to create videos of 20 minutes maximum.

As mentioned, the Article Video Robot discount coupon applies for both Power Edition and Business Edition. There are both monthly and yearly subscription available, just get any of them with the coupon code.